Meet the Team

Meet Alannah! Born and bred in the gorgeous land down under - Australia. This free-spirited soul has charmed her way into everyone's hearts with her infectious energy and passion for life. When she's not taking on the world or busy inspiring those around her, you'll find Alannah beach-hopping on a tropical island in the Balearic Islands. Talking about love, did you know that she locked eyes with the man of her dreams while soaking up some sun in Balearic Islands? It was one of those "love at first sight" moments that make your heart skip a beat, and suddenly everything seems possible. But don't be fooled by her laid-back vibe, as it is challenged only by Alannah's never-ending thirst for adventure, Palma being among her top picks for holiday destinations. Her love affair with travelling runs deep, giving life to incredible stories from across the globe that would leave any wanderlust hooked. Alannah carries an unspoken message of hope wherever she goes- reminding us all that anything is achievable if we put our hearts into it.
Meet Benjamin Lang, a German native who traded in the bustling city life for the sun-soaked beaches of Santa Ponsa. He spent several years working in real estate on the island, helping people find their dream homes and investment properties. But as time passed, he discovered a passion for something else. Nowadays, you'll find Benjamin hard at work writing for, where he uses his expertise to help others discover all the hidden gems this Balearic paradise offers. From recommending top-notch services to highlighting must-visit hotspots across the isle, nothing gets him more excited than sharing his love of Mallorca with others. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to quality content, Benjamin is always searching out new information and insider tips about what makes life on Mallorca so special. So whether you're looking for recommendations or simply want to chat about everything this beautiful place offers - be sure to give Benjamin a shout!
Born and raised in Austria, Birgit Schultheiss brings her international flair to the stunning island of Mallorca. This proud resident has called the island home for five glorious years now, along with her furry friends - two adorable dogs. Birgit's passion for writing is not only limited to personal expression but also extends to sharing her love for Mallorca through articles that showcase its hidden gems, popular tourist spots, delicious cuisine and much more! Her vast knowledge of the iconic Spanish culture adds an extra dimension to her engaging write-ups. Apart from being multilingual and having a knack for writing compelling content, Birgit takes great pride in raising her daughter on this picturesque island surrounded by captivating sunsets, vibrant festivals and warm-hearted residents. If you're lucky enough to be on this enchanting Balearic Island where sun-kissed beaches meet lush landscapes, make sure you catch a glimpse of Birgit who might inspire you with her charismatic personality and love for life!
Janet Hill is a true British gem who has captured the spirit of adventure in her heart. She believes in travelling as often as possible and exploring the world beyond, especially to her favourite destination - Mallorca Island which she visits 4-5 times a year. Her love for writing makes her a storyteller from within. Her compelling articles capture the essence of this picture-perfect island that has become almost like home to Janet. Every time she steps onto its golden sandy beaches breathes its fresh air and indulges in its culinary delights, it feels like paradise. Janet's love affair with Mallorca Island goes way back to when she first visited it over a decade ago. Since then, every visit has been special and blessed with memories that will last forever. Now when she is not there physically, she is always mentally present-writing about it or reminiscing old times spent under the warm Spanish sun. Regarding Janet's life outside of travel and writing, we may never know unless you ask! Because one thing we do know about travelling enthusiasts like Janet is that they are full of surprises!
Karen McNeil, originally from the sunny beaches of Miami, Florida, but now residing in Dublin, Ireland, regularly makes her way over to our Palma office. She loves writing and has an appetite for testing services on the island. When Karen isn't busy working or travelling between countries, she can be found indulging herself in some good old-fashioned deep thinking and taking long walks through Dublin's different parks. She is a huge believer in chasing after what you want, no matter how impossible it may seem. Her adventurous nature leads her down many unconventional paths, allowing her to learn so much about herself over the years. Overall Karen McNeil stands out because of her unique background and fearless attitude towards tackling any challenge that comes her way.
Have you ever heard of a German lady living on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca? Well, let me introduce you to Silke - a true European! Silke has been residing in Mallorca for many years now, and it's safe to say that she knows every inch of this gorgeous place. After all, what's not to love about blue skies, sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery everywhere you look? She works as a “critic” reviewing services for one of Spain's biggest travel agencies while putting her fluency in Spanish and English to good use. The beauty is that she enjoys providing honest reviews, helping local businesses grow, and helping tourists make informed decisions. Silke's passion for writing spills over into blogging, where she documents life on the stunning island leading readers on an adventure through great restaurants with delicious food, bike trails that boast mind-blowing views or even just a hidden beach, no one seemed to know existed! In essence; For anyone who wants first-hand information on travelling like a local in Mallorca, Silke may be your go-to girl.