Best Scooter Tours in Mallorca 2023

Best Scooter Tours in Mallorca

Ever whizzed through the sun-soaked streets of Mallorca on a scooter? Oh, I have! And trust me, it’s pure magic.

Mallorca, with its azure waters and historic charm, is an island that beckons exploration. While many love its beaches, cruising on a Vespa added a zesty twist to my adventure. Riding past ancient cathedrals, through bustling markets, the wind tousling my hair, was an experience unlike any other.

I’ll never forget that electric scooter jaunt in Palma’s Old Town. Each turn revealed new wonders: the grandeur of the Museu de Mallorca or the serene vibes at Parque del Mar. And the off-road escapade around Rancho Grande Park? A wild ride filled with awe-inspiring views and the thrill of the unknown.

One moment that’s etched in my memory is the Segway tour. Meandering through Palma’s heart, with its rich history unfolding, was like stepping back in time. The narrow alleys, historic landmarks, and the tales they told – pure nostalgia.

Oh, and that journey through Santa Ponsa! Gliding by the sea, surrounded by verdant forests, and finally the inviting beach – it felt like Mallorca was revealing its secrets, one by one.

Every ride, every tour, was a narrative, a moment that became a part of my Mallorcan tale. And the cherry on top? The camaraderie with fellow riders and the local insights they shared.

But, enough reminiscing. Isn’t it time you crafted your own scooter tales in Mallorca? Which route would set your heart racing?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Scooter Tours in Mallorca

Best Scooter Tours in MallorcaName
Best for City ExplorationElectric Scooter Tour in Palma de Mallorca
Best for Off-road AdventureEASYMOOV Electric Scooter Tours – Son Serra de Marina
Best for Coastal Village ExperienceOffroad Electric Scooter Tour in Mallorca – SANTA PONSA
Best for Countryside ExplorationGuided Electric Scooter Tour in the Countryside of Mallorca
Best for Short Duration Adventure1.5 H Electric Kick-Scooter Tour
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My Unforgettable Ride: Navigating Mallorca’s Stunning Landscapes on a Scooter!

Electric Scooter Tour in Palma de Mallorca

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (68 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Palma, Spain | 👉 Check Availability

The Best Way to Explore Palma!

Zip through the charming streets of Palma de Mallorca on an electric scooter, with the gentle breeze caressing your face. This hour-long guided tour takes you through the historic Old Town, past landmarks like the Museu de Mallorca and the majestic Parque del Mar. Immerse yourself in the rich history and architecture of the Catedral de Mallorca, all while riding on a nifty electric scooter. A whirlwind adventure awaits!

A Day to Remember in Palma!

My day started at the quaint shop behind Saint Michael’s Church. The electric scooter felt surprisingly easy to handle, and within moments, I was gliding through the cobblestone streets. Our guide was a wealth of information, pointing out the unique architecture of Parroquia de Santa Eulalia and recounting the tales of the Banos Arabes. The breeze from the sea, the hum of the scooter, and the echoes of history merged, making it a truly mesmerising experience. And oh! The Catedral de Mallorca? Its majestic beauty left me in awe. Isn’t it incredible when an hour feels like a brief moment and an eternity at the same time? Ever thought of a tour that makes you feel connected to a place so deeply?

I can’t recommend this experience enough! 🛴

Don’t Just Hear About It!

There’s a magic to Palma that words can’t capture. You have to feel the stones beneath your wheels and hear the tales whispered by the wind. The Electric Scooter Tour is your ticket to that enchantment. So, what are you waiting for?

Key Details:

PriceFrom €23.00
Duration1 hour
LanguagesEnglish and one more
IncludedPatinete eléctrico, Casco, Guia, Ingreso a los monumentos
Meeting PointCosta de la Pols, 6, 07003 Palma, Spain

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey:

  • Start with a full charge and ensure your scooter’s brakes and accelerator work perfectly.
  • Wear comfortable shoes; you’ll make short stops at significant landmarks.
  • Listen to the guide’s safety instructions carefully; the roads can be unpredictable.
  • Snap a picture with the Catedral de Mallorca during sunset – the golden hues are unforgettable!

Guest Says: “Thank you for the great tour! A brilliant way to see the city in such a short time. Truly, a knowledgeable guide made the experience memorable.” – MacKenzie_B, United Kingdom

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EASYMOOV Electric Scooter Tours – Son Serra de Marina

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (158 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Son Serra de Marina, Spain | 👉 Check Availability

EASYMOOV Electric Scooter Tours - Son Serra de Marina
Credit: Tour Provider

A Breezy Adventure on Two Wheels

Explores the mesmerising terrains of Mallorca on the cutting-edge EASYMOOV Electric Scooter. Let the landscape unfold around you, unveiling forests, coastal views, and the enchanting Rancho Grande Park, all without breaking a sweat. And the best part? This tour is exclusively yours – no large groups, just you, your friends, and the vastness of Son Serra de Marina.

My Day with EASYMOOV: A Tale Worth Sharing

The anticipation was electric, much like the scooter I was about to mount. The gentle hum of the e-scooter and the refreshing breeze instantly put a smile on my face. Whizzing past the picturesque village of Son Serra de Marina felt like a dream. The charm of the Mallorqui coast and the pristine beach felt so tangible yet surreal. Before I knew it, I was at the Rancho Grande Park – Majorca’s biggest working horse ranch. But today, it wasn’t horses that stole the limelight but these sturdy e-scooters. Navigating the dynamic terrain was exhilarating. Every twist, turn, and terrain challenge was met with vigour by my trusty scooter. The highlight? The sensation of conquering the landscape without the usual fatigue of traditional biking. And of course, the complimentary water was a refreshing touch. Ever dreamt of effortlessly exploring nature’s grandeur? This is your ticket!

Ready for Your Own Adventure?

Imagine the wind in your hair, the scenic beauty of Mallorca unfurling before your eyes, and the thrill of discovery at every turn. Dive into the adventure that awaits you; I promise it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Tour Facts At a Glance

PriceFrom €59.00
Duration2 hours
Languages OfferedEnglish and 3 more
InclusionsHelmet, gloves, bottled water, pickup (extra fee), lunch
Meeting PointRancho Grande Park, Son Serra de Marina, Spain
Cancellation PolicyUp to 24 hours in advance for a full refund

Exclusive Insights from My Day Out

  • Remember to wear comfortable shoes; there might be moments you’ll want to hop off and explore a bit on foot.
  • Stay hydrated – although bottled water is provided, it’s always good to have extra.
  • Capture your memories but remember to keep safety first – no mid-ride selfies!
  • Be open to the unexpected; the natural beauty can surprise you at every turn.

What They Say: “This tour was the highlight of my Mallorca trip! The e-scooter made exploring so easy and fun. An experience I’d love to relive.” – Clara from Germany.

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Offroad Electric Scooter Tour in Mallorca – SANTA PONSA

⭐️ Rating: 4.8/5 (34 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Santa Ponsa, Mallorca | 👉 Check Availability

Offroad Electric Scooter Tour in Mallorca - SANTA PONSA
Credit: Tour Provider

A Glimpse into the Journey

Venture into Santa Ponsa’s hidden paths on an offroad electric scooter, bypassing the seaside, and virgin forests, and culminating at the beach. Embrace the beauty of this chic village, replete with nature’s wonders. Not your average scooter ride, it promises an exhilarating adventure combined with picturesque landscapes, all without tiring your legs.

My Electric Scooter Adventure in Santa Ponsa

Oh, the joy of zipping through Santa Ponsa on that sleek electric scooter! The wind in my hair, the thrill of the open road, and the breathtaking views—it was nothing short of magical. The best part? No pedals or saddles, just pure, exhilarating fun. My guide was a wellspring of local knowledge, pointing out secluded spots and sharing tidbits that only a local would know. The ride along the seaside was a vision—endless blue meeting lush greenery. And when we ventured into the virgin forests? Pure enchantment. Each turn was a surprise, revealing the charming intricacies of Santa Ponsa. I remember laughing heartily as I attempted to manoeuvre a tricky path, cheered on by my fellow explorers. By the time we reached the beach, the sun casting golden hues, I felt a connection to this place. Santa Ponsa wasn’t just a tourist spot; it was an experience.

Don’t just take my word for it. Dive into this journey and see for yourself what Santa Ponsa has to offer. Who knows? You might just find your new favourite getaway.

Vital Tour Info

PriceFrom €65.00
Duration1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
LanguagesEnglish, plus 3 other languages
IncludesHelmet, gloves, private transportation, lunch, bottled water
Meeting PointCarretera Andratx Ctra. Andratx, 07160 Calvià, Illes Balears, Spain
Special InstructionsUse Google Maps and type “EASYMOOV WEST”

Exclusive Insights from My Electric Ride

  • Helmet Up: Always wear the provided helmet. It’s not just safe but also quite stylish!
  • Charge Ahead: Ensure your e-scooter has ample charge before you set off.
  • Local Delights: Ask your guide about local eateries for a true taste of Santa Ponsa.
  • Photograph the Moments: The virgin forests offer perfect photo ops. Capture the memories!

A Memorable Testimony: “This tour was the highlight of our trip! Exploring Santa Ponsa on the electric scooter was a blast. The guide was knowledgeable and the views… simply mesmerising. Must try!” — Alex, United Kingdom

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Guided Electric Scooter Tour in the Countryside of Mallorca

⭐️ Rating: 4.3/5 (162,263 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Moscari, Mallorca | 👉 Check Availability

Guided Electric Scooter Tour in the Countryside of Mallorca
Credit: Tour Provider

A Countryside Adventure on Two Wheels

Whizzing through the scenic landscapes of Mallorca’s countryside, this electric scooter tour encapsulates the heart of authentic island life. Picture riding through quaint Mallorquin towns, witnessing the everyday lives of the locals, and then navigating the traffic-free roads that unveil the untouched beauty of Mallorca’s natural canvas. A truly memorable expedition that unearths Mallorca’s real charm in a fun, eco-friendly manner.

My Adventure Amongst Mallorquin Towns

Oh, the joy of whizzing past picturesque landscapes on my electric scooter! Mallorca always held a special place in my heart, but this tour? It just skyrocketed my love for this beautiful island. The breeze ruffling my hair, the world unfolding before me, and the exhilaration of uncovering hidden gems like the Mancor de la Vall monastery were experiences I won’t forget. What’s more, Selva, with its inviting alleyways and warm locals, made me feel like I had time-travelled to a tranquil era. Imagine a pause in Selva, taking a leisurely stroll and perhaps a little espresso at a corner cafe, simply soaking in the surroundings. And just when you think it’s over, there’s one more stop waiting to surprise you. Do you recall the last hidden gem you stumbled upon during a trip?

Why Wait? The Adventure Awaits!

If a picturesque journey through Mallorca’s heartland is what you seek, then look no further. The guided electric scooter tour promises an enthralling experience that you’ll fondly remember for years to come.

Essential Tour Facts

PriceFrom €68.00
Duration3 hours
LanguagesEnglish + 2 more
IncludesE-Scooter, Helmet, Lunch
Meeting PointMoscari, Illes Balears, Spain

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Opt for comfy footwear; there are little alleyways that beckon!
  • Don’t forget to charge your camera; the scenic views are truly picture-perfect.
  • Interact with the locals in Selva. Their stories add depth to the experience.

Guest’s Praise: “This tour was the highlight of my trip to Mallorca! Riding through the countryside, feeling the fresh air and seeing the rustic beauty of the island was beyond words. Truly a must-do!” – Lucas, UK.

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1.5 H Electric Kick-Scooter Tour

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (2 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Palma, Spain | 👉 Check Availability

1.5 H Electric Kick-Scooter Tour
Credit: Tour Provider

An Electrifying Glide Through Palma!

Discover Palma’s beauty and charm in the most exhilarating way possible on a 1.5-hour electric kick-scooter tour. Feel the wind in your hair as you effortlessly cruise through iconic avenues, historic squares, and breathtaking sights. Forget traditional tours; this electric kick-scooter adventure is the ultimate way to explore Mallorca’s gem!

A Day to Remember in Palma

Ever tried gliding past centuries-old architecture on an electric kick-scooter? I’ll admit, I was sceptical at first. But zipping through Palma’s quaint streets, with the sun gently warming my skin, was an experience like no other. Beginning at the bustling Carrer del Palau Reial, I was instantly smitten with the kick scooter’s ease. We stopped by the iconic Placa de Cort, admiring the ‘Olivera de Cort’, and then continued to the elegant Passeig des Born. Between the whir of the scooter and Olaf’s insightful tales, Palma’s history came alive like never before. And let me tell you, those reflective straps do they provide? Pure genius for navigating Palma’s dreamy evening glow!

Seize the Scooter!

Ever dreamt of rediscovering a city, feeling every heartbeat, every whisper of its tales? This electric kick-scooter tour promises just that! Dive into Mallorca’s heart and let Palma’s stories unfold beneath your wheels.

Tour Quick Glance

Duration1 hour 30 minutes
LanguagesEnglish and 2 more
Maximum Guests10
Meeting PointCarrer del Palau Reial, 12, Palma
InclusionsElectric kick-scooter, Helmet, Straps

Exclusive Insights from My Adventure

  • Helmet & Straps: Safety first! The provided helmet and reflective straps ensure you’re both safe and stylish.
  • Cathedral Proximity: The meeting point is just a minute’s walk from the famous Cathedral and Palace de L’Almudaina. Perfect for some pre or post-tour sightseeing!
  • Evening Glow: For a magical experience, try catching the tour during the late afternoon. Palma’s streets glow enchantingly as the sun sets.

Guest’s Glimpse: “Olaf was an amazing tour guide! Clear instructions and fascinating tidbits made my day. Thanks, Olaf, for this unique Palma experience!” – Dalal, UAE.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Scooter Tours in Mallorca

In my countless adventures around the globe, Mallorca stands out with its breathtaking scooter tours. Riding through idyllic towns, witnessing the raw beauty of its countryside, and feeling the thrill of those little traffic-free roads; it’s nothing short of magical. The best part? The island unveils its best-kept secrets when you’re on two wheels. Exploring the heart of Mallorca on a scooter is like flipping through pages of a riveting novel – each turn promises a new surprise. I can’t help but share this piece of paradise with you, and I hope your rides in Mallorca etch unforgettable moments in your heart.

FAQs about Best Scooter Tours in Mallorca

How long do the scooter tours in Mallorca typically last?

In my experience, scooter tours can vary, but many last between 1 to 2 hours. There are also options that extend up to a day or more, offering in-depth exploration.

Can I explore the Old Town of Palma on a scooter?

Yes! I’ve glided through the Old Town on an electric scooter, passing landmarks like the Museu de Mallorca and Parque del Mar.

What’s the price range for scooter tours in Mallorca?

From my observations, scooter tour prices start from around €23.00 and can go upwards, depending on the duration and exclusivity.

Are the scooter tours safe for a newbie like me?

Absolutely! Most of the tours I came across provide a briefing and ensure the routes are safe even for beginners.

Do any of the scooter tours offer off-road adventures?

Yes, they do! I’ve seen electric scooter tours that take you off-road around Rancho Grande Park, showing off Mallorca’s wild side.

Are there any other unique ways to explore Mallorca apart from scooters?

Certainly! Apart from scooters, I’ve noticed Segway tours, mountain bike tours, and even walking tours that offer a rich experience.

What should I expect to see on a scooter tour around Mallorca?

From my journeys, expect a blend of Mallorquin towns, untouched countryside, coastal views, and a hint of local life. Every ride promises a new discovery.

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