Best Hotels with Jacuzzi in Mallorca 2023

Best Hotels with Jacuzzi in Mallorca

Ready to dip into an oasis of relaxation during your visit to Mallorca? Imagine the calming ambience of a luxury hotel, enhanced by the tranquil sound of bubbling water in your own private jacuzzi.

There’s something special about experiencing one of the best spa hotels in Mallorca that really pampers you with indulgent extras like your personal jacuzzi tub. As I explore and recommend top-rated boutique, romantic and beachfront hotels famed for this feature, keep those bath bombs on stand-by!

Make no mistake – whether you’re seeking a little romance or just crave some alone time after a day exploring our beautiful island, these elite picks promise pure bliss. From traditional Spanish fincas radiating rustic charm to modern treasures boasting seaside views – each conveys their unique brand of magic complete with heavenly hot-tubs!

So which Jacuzzi-jewelled gem will be your perfect match in sun-kissed Mallorca?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Hotels with Jacuzzi in Mallorca

Best Hotels with Jacuzzi in MallorcaHotel Name
Best Sustainable and Central Hotel with JacuzziBO Hotel Palma
Best Beachfront Apartment with JacuzziAparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club
Best Scenic Port Location with JacuzziHotel Marina Port de Soller
Best Sea View Apartment with JacuzziApartamentos Vistasol Magaluf
Best Budget-Friendly Hotel with JacuzziHotel Vibra Beverly Playa Paguera
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Uncover the Ultimate Luxury: My Top Picks for Mallorca’s Best Hotels with Jacuzzi!

BO Hotel Palma, Palma de Mallorca

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Palma de Mallorca City Centre | 👉 View on

Located in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, BO Hotel Palma is a haven for those seeking luxury and relaxation. With a sun terrace and an invigorating hot tub, this hotel epitomises the essence of Mallorca’s tranquil vibe. Complete with on-site dining and a variety of rooms offering breathtaking sea or city views, guests are treated to an immersive Majorcan experience. From the soft robes to the spa baths in superior rooms, this hotel ensures a rejuvenating retreat.

My stay at the BO Hotel Palma was absolutely delightful. The first thing I did? Dive straight into the hot tub on the sun terrace. There’s something truly magical about unwinding in warm bubbles with a view of Palma’s skyline. One evening, after a day of exploring, I decided to dine at their on-site restaurant. The food was divine and was the perfect end to my day. What made the experience even more memorable was the gentle sea breeze coming from the nearby Palma Yacht Club and Port. And oh, the bed! I’ve never slept more soundly. My room’s view of the sea during sunrise? Simply indescribable. Would you believe it if I said I took at least 20 photos just of that view?

This isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience waiting to be embraced. Dive into luxury at BO Hotel Palma, and let the Majorcan charm sweep you off your feet.

The hotel is close to: Palma Yacht Club, Palma Port.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, couples, and luxury seekers.

Available Facilities: Non-smoking rooms, Free WiFi, Restaurant, Bar, Room service.

Review from a Guest: “The view from my room was a dream come true! Truly an unmatched experience.” – Maria, Spain.

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Aparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club

⭐️ Rating: 8.8/10 | 📍 Location: Cala Pi, Majorca | 👉 View on

Overlooking the serene Cala Pi Beach, Aparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club is a haven in Mallorca. Guests can indulge in spacious apartments adorned with bright, country-style décor. But the highlight? The heavenly hot tub, alongside outdoor swimming pools, ensuring a relaxed dip under the sun. And if that wasn’t enough, the proximity to the beachfront and an array of amenities like a gym, grill restaurant, and evening entertainment make it a top pick!

Staying at the Aparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club felt like finding a hidden gem in Mallorca. My mornings began with a soothing soak in the hot tub, followed by breakfast with a view of the Cala Pi Beach. Oh, and did I mention the apartment? It had everything I needed, from a well-appointed kitchen to a balcony that offered privacy and breathtaking views. My evenings? They were spent savouring delicious Spanish and international dishes at the grill restaurant, accompanied by lively evening entertainment. And the kids? They absolutely adored the miniclub. How could they not? This place has something for everyone!

Isn’t it time you felt the warm sun of Mallorca and relaxed in a luxurious hot tub overlooking a picturesque beach? Dive into the experience that awaits at Aparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club, and trust me, you won’t regret it.

The hotel is close to: Cala Pi Beach, Palma city centre (40km away), and a short 30-minute drive from Palma Airport.
This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, beach lovers, and those seeking a relaxing getaway with top-notch amenities.
Available Facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, WiFi in all areas, Beachfront, Family rooms, Very good breakfast.
Review from a Guest: “Apartment was excellent. Beds comfortable with memory foam pillows. Clean and well appointed, with provision for every eventuality. Balcony and private, not overlooked.” – Rachael, United Kingdom.

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Hotel Marina, Port de Soller

⭐️ Rating: 8.7/10 | 📍 Location: Port de Soller, Mallorca | 👉 View on

Hotel Marina, Port de Soller
Credit: Facebook / Hotel Marina, Port de Soller

Tucked away in the beautiful Port de Soller, the family-run Hotel Marina is the epitome of luxury, with a beachfront location just 10 metres from Platja den Repic Beach. Offering an outdoor pool, free spa, and rooms with balconies, it boasts magnificent views of the bay. Especially for those seeking the perfect Jacuzzi experience in Mallorca, this hotel is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

During my recent stay at the Hotel Marina, every moment was pure bliss. Waking up to the sun gleaming on the bay, I took a short stroll and found myself right on the beach. But the highlight? Oh, the Jacuzzi! As the bubbles enveloped me, and I overlooked the serene beach, it felt like I’d discovered a slice of heaven. The cuisine? Mouthwatering to say the least. One evening, as I sipped my drink at the Bar Café Marina, the sunset painted the sky in hues of orange and pink. Can you imagine a better way to end your day?

Don’t just take my word for it. Dive into the luxury and comfort that the Hotel Marina has to offer, especially if a Jacuzzi with a view is your idea of perfection. With every moment waiting to leave you awe-struck, isn’t it time to treat yourself?

The hotel is close to:
Several hiking routes, the promenade, and watersports activities.

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Beach lovers, couples seeking a romantic getaway, families, and adventure enthusiasts.

Available Facilities:
Outdoor pool, Free spa, Restaurant with a bay view, Beachfront, Free WiFi.

Review from a Guest:
“Excellent location! Food menu is diverse with reasonable prices for both eat and drink.” – Tim, United Kingdom.

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Apartamentos Vistasol, Magaluf

⭐️ Rating: 7.4/10 | 📍 Location: Alta, 5, 07181 Magaluf, Spain | 👉 View on

Apartamentos Vistasol, Magaluf
Credit: Facebook / Apartamentos Vistasol, Magaluf

The Apartamentos Vistasol in Magaluf epitomises coastal luxury with its spectacular sea views, overlooking both Magalluf and Palma Nova Beaches. Apart from being a stone’s throw away from the bustling entertainment centres and the beach, this place offers spa facilities, a free-access gym, and boasts a selection of apartments with spacious terraces. Especially for those seeking the best hotels with jacuzzis in Mallorca, this gem has a dedicated spa and wellness centre to enhance your relaxation.

On my latest trip to Mallorca, I discovered the Apartamentos Vistasol. Every morning, I woke up to the rhythmic sounds of waves and a gentle sea breeze, thanks to the apartment’s prime sea-view. The highlight? Relaxing in the jacuzzi after a day of exploring, which felt like a private slice of heaven. Oh, and don’t get me started on the spa facilities! There’s something incredibly rejuvenating about indulging in a spa day, especially when you’re just 100 metres from the beach. Wondering about the food scene? The à la carte restaurant served the most delectable dishes that tantalised my taste buds. By the way, if you love golf, there are three courses just 10 km away. The entire stay felt like a blend of adventure and pampering.

Imagine being embraced by luxury, with serene beach views and a jacuzzi waiting just for you. This isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience waiting to unfold, especially for jacuzzi lovers!

The hotel is close to:
Magalluf and Palma Nova Beaches, Entertainment centres, 3 golf courses (10 km away), Bus stop (200 metres away leading into Palma).

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Couples, Families with kids, Golf enthusiasts, Spa and wellness seekers.

Available Facilities:
Outdoor swimming pool, Spa and wellness centre, Free WiFi, Fitness centre, Private parking.

Review from a Guest:
“The views are absolutely breathtaking, and the jacuzzi experience was the cherry on top! A must-visit in Mallorca.” – Maria, Spain.

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Hotel Vibra Beverly Playa

⭐️ Rating: 7.2/10 | 📍 Location: Paguera, Mallorca | 👉 View on

Hotel Vibra Beverly Playa, strategically located on the pristine beachfront of Paguera Village, offers a breathtaking panorama of the vast Mediterranean. A mere stone’s throw from the bustling heart of Paguera, the hotel boasts 443 sea-facing rooms, tantalising buffet offerings, and notably, state-of-the-art wellness amenities that make it a standout in the hunt for the best jacuzzi experiences in Mallorca.

The first thing that caught my eye during my stay at Hotel Vibra Beverly Playa was the mesmerising view from my sea-facing room. But, the highlight was undoubtedly the lavish jacuzzi experience. Imagine soaking in warm, bubbling water, with the cool sea breeze lightly brushing against your face. The gentle hum of the waves added a therapeutic background sound, ensuring I was in a state of pure bliss. And oh, the buffet? Authentic Mallorcan delicacies, combined with show cooking, made each meal an event! Do you love discovering hidden gems as much as I do? Because, my friend, this is certainly one of them.

You’re just a click away from experiencing the magic of Hotel Vibra Beverly Playa. Dive into unparalleled luxury, and yes, that unforgettable jacuzzi experience!

The hotel is close to: Beachfront of Paguera Village, bustling centre of Paguera.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, couples seeking romantic getaways, and wellness enthusiasts.

Available Facilities: Swimming pool with bar, indoor pool, gym, miniclub, free WiFi.

Review from a Guest: “An unforgettable stay with the most serene sea views and rejuvenating jacuzzi sessions!” – Carlos, Spain.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Hotels with Jacuzzi in Mallorca

I can’t help but share my immense enthusiasm for the best hotels with Jacuzzi in Mallorca. From beachfront to boutique, each possesses a unique charm. These luxury hotels, regardless of being steeped in romantic allure or catering as the best spa hotels on this Spanish isle, unquestionably promise an unforgettable sojourn for me and you. My heart swells at the thought of these top-rated establishments offering such relaxation amidst their remarkable services! So here’s to your delightful journey at one of these splendid resort gems – I genuinely hope it enchants you just like it has captured my affections time and again.

FAQs about Best Hotels with Jacuzzi in Mallorca

What are the top-rated hotels with jacuzzis in Majorca?
I recently explored Majorca’s hotel offerings and found that BO Hotel Palma, Hotel Illa d’Or & Club Apts 4* Sup, and Barefoot Hotel Mallorca are among the top-rated hotels with jacuzzis. These places not only promise comfort but also ensure you have a luxurious experience during your stay.

How can I identify sustainable hotels in Majorca?
While browsing for hotels in Majorca, I noticed a unique feature labeled “Travel Sustainable Level.” Many hotels, like Hotel Marina and Hotel Artmadams, have achieved different sustainable levels, indicating their commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Is it common for Majorca hotels to offer sea views?
Yes, indeed! Majorca is an island paradise, and many hotels such as the Apartamentos Vistasol and Hotel Vibra Beverly Playa offer rooms with mesmerizing sea views. Waking up to the sound of the waves is a luxury I always cherish.

Are there family-friendly hotels in Majorca with jacuzzis?
Absolutely! I came across hotels like the Aparthotel Ona Cala Pi Club and loftOtel canet that are not only family-friendly but also feature jacuzzis. They make sure both adults and kids have a memorable stay.

Which areas in Majorca are popular for nightlife and beach activities?
Places like Playa de Palma and Magaluf in Majorca are known for their vibrant nightlife and beautiful beaches. Whether you’re in the mood for partying or a quiet evening by the beach, these areas have got you covered.

Do Majorca hotels offer discounts or special deals?
Yes, they do. During my search, I spotted enticing offers like the Getaway Deal at Barefoot Hotel Mallorca and a discounted rate at Aparthotel Dunes Platja. It’s always a good idea to check for special deals when booking, as they can provide significant savings.

Can I find Majorca hotels that cater to special accessibility needs?
Certainly. I’ve seen numerous hotels in Majorca that prioritize accessibility. Features like “Entire unit located on ground floor,” “Toilet with grab rails,” and “Wheelchair accessible” are commonly available to ensure everyone enjoys a comfortable stay.

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