Best Hotels for Honeymoons in Mallorca 2023

Best Hotels for Honeymoons in Mallorca

Looking for a perfect romantic getaway with your spouse?

Imagine strolling hand in hand on the serene beaches of Mallorca or dining under the stars at an upscale resort. How about waking up to the sound of gentle waves breaking against a beautiful sandy beach right outside your oceanfront suite? Mallorca’s got it all!

From stunning coastlines, and cosy alcoves to historical charm, there are numerous idyllic spots and intimate accommodation options just waiting for couples like you. Think top-rated hotels with spa and wellness facilities where you can relax together after a day of exploring.

As someone who has scoured every corner of the island, I’ve compiled my list of best hotels for honeymoons in Mallorca guaranteeing an unmatched start to marital bliss.

Now here’s one question… ready to discover these adults-only romantic retreats nestled within this Mediterranean dreamland?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Hotels for Honeymoons in Mallorca

Best Hotels for Honeymoons in MallorcaHotel Name
Top-Rated Romantic GetawayEs Princep
Ideal for Solo Romantic RetreatsIberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites
Picturesque Sunsets and Bay ViewsHotel Illa d’Or
Chic Ambiance with Roof Terrace and PoolNakar Hotel
Historic Charm with Modern LuxuryPosada Terra Santa
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Discover the Ultimate Romance: My Top Picks for Honeymoon Hotels in Mallorca

Es Princep

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 | 📍 Location: Palma de Mallorca, Majorca | 👉 View on

Overlooking the shimmering Palma Bay, Es Princep stands as an epitome of luxury and romance. Opened in Spring 2018, it’s situated to offer the most picturesque sea view amidst the city’s historic walls. This luxurious hotel, with its 68 opulent rooms, melds contemporary needs with traditional Mallorcan craftsmanship, making it a prime choice for honeymooners desiring a blend of modernity and tradition in Mallorca.

During my stay at Es Princep, I was utterly captivated. The view from my room? Breathtaking. Waking up to the Palma Bay’s glimmering waters was something straight out of a romantic novel. As I explored, the soulful use of stone, wood, and leather throughout the hotel reminded me of the traditional Mallorcan country fincas. I spent hours by the pool, a perfectplace for couples, and let me tell you, the in-room minibar? A delightful surprise for a cozy night in. Oh, and if you ever visit, ask for a room with an ocean view – it adds a touch of magic to the experience. Have you ever felt so pampered that you didn’t want to leave? That’s Es Princep for you.

Dive into the lavishness of Es Princep and soak in the undiluted essence of Mallorca. This isn’t just a hotel; it’s an experience waiting to embrace you, especially if you’re celebrating love.

The hotel is close to:
Basilica de Sant Francesc, Convent de Santa Clara, Temple Natura Café Garden.

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Honeymooners, couples seeking romantic getaways, and lovers of luxury.

Available Facilities:
Valet parking, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Pool, Fitness Centre, Bar/lounge.

Review from a Guest:
“An unforgettable stay! The views, the service, the rooms… everything was impeccable. The epitome of luxury and romance.” – Claire, UK.

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Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: Santa Ponsa, Majorca | 👉 View on

The Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites is a haven for couples, particularly those on honeymoon. Overlooking the serene Costa de la Calma sea, it offers whirlpool baths in every suite, many of which have majestic sea views and a private pool. The VIP Star Prestige service is a cherry on top, with exclusive pools, bars, and direct sea access. Its commitment to sustainability through “Wave of Change” adds an eco-friendly touch to your romantic escape.

Oh my, where do I begin? From the suites with jaw-dropping sea views to the heavenly whirlpool baths, my stay was a dream. Waking up to the sound of the waves and diving straight into my private pool became my favourite morning ritual. And that VIP Star Prestige zone? Pure luxury. I felt like royalty lounging on the hammocks hovering over water, sipping cocktails during the golden hour. One evening, I stumbled upon a quaint workshop; a small intimate group learning local Majorcan crafts. It was such a treat! And the sunsets? Utterly mesmerising. How often do you find a place that wraps you in romance and nature’s beauty?

Discover the unparalleled luxury of Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites. Dive into the experience of a lifetime, perfect for romantic escapades in Mallorca.

The hotel is close to: The Crown Bars & Clubs, Poundstretcher Speciality & Gift Shops, The Square Santa Ponsa Theatre & Performances.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Honeymooners, Romantic getaways, Couples seeking luxury and relaxation.

Available Facilities: Free internet, Fitness Centre with Gym, Bar/lounge, Private balconies in rooms, Exclusive VIP zones.

Review from a Guest: “An unforgettable honeymoon experience! The views, the luxury, and the hospitality are unmatched.” – Laura, UK.

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Hotel Illa d’Or

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Port de Pollenca, Majorca | 👉 View on

Nestled along the placid waters of Puerto Pollença, Hotel Illa d’Or radiates classical charm from its 1929 origins. Witness where art and beauty intertwine, all while feeling the tender embrace of sea and sky. For those seeking a romantic getaway, especially honeymooners, this Mallorcan gem offers a symphony of colours at dusk and mesmerising moonlit nights on the terrace.

When I visited the Illa d’Or, every detail made my heart flutter. Morning strolls along Pine Walk, gazing at the sea’s horizon from my private balcony, and the unforgettable boat trip where we anchored at a breathtaking location to dive into the cerulean waters. Every evening, as I savoured gourmet meals with the water’s edge as my backdrop, I felt the weight of the world melt away. The staff? Always anticipating my needs before I even realised them. And oh, those moonlit nights on the terrace? They felt like a whispered secret between me and the universe. Why don’t you see for yourself?

Don’t let another moment pass by without immersing yourself in this Mallorcan haven. Book your journey now, and prepare to be enchanted, especially if you’re on the lookout for that perfect honeymoon escape.

The hotel is close to: Pine Walk, Lemon Lounge Bar, La Batucada Cocktail Bar, La Finca.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: honeymooners, romantics, art and beauty enthusiasts.

Available Facilities: Free High Speed Internet (WiFi), Beach, Fitness Centre with Gym / Workout Room, Pool, Evening entertainment.

Review from a Guest: “Best hotel I’ve ever been to! The location is perfect, and the staff are so lovely.” – Imogen E, UK.

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Nakar Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 | 📍 Location: Avenida Jaume III, Palma de Mallorca, Majorca | 👉 View on

Located in the bustling heart of Palma de Mallorca, Nakar Hotel boasts 57 contemporary rooms, designed for the perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Set against the romantic backdrop of Mallorca, this stylish hotel, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, has become a favourite spot for honeymooners seeking a modern getaway with all the bells and whistles.

The moment the doors of Nakar Hotel opened for me, the contemporary elegance enveloped me in a warm embrace. The room? Breathtaking, with a private balcony offering panoramic views that instantly ignited the romance. Oh, and the SPA? Divine! The gastronomy is an experience on its own, fusing traditional Mallorcan flavours with modern culinary techniques. I found myself wandering the historic streets nearby, only to retreat to the rooftop pool, watching the sunset with a cocktail in hand. And did I mention the silence? Despite its central location, my nights were undisturbed, making for intimate moments and rejuvenating rest. Does it sound like a dream? It felt like one.

Trust me, if romance and modern luxury are on your checklist, Nakar Hotel ticks all the boxes. Make sure you put it on your honeymoon itinerary before the secret gets out!

The hotel is close to: Passeig des Born, Sa Llotja, Mercado de Santa Catalina, Es Baluard Museu d’Art Modern i Contemporani de Palma.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Honeymooners seeking a blend of contemporary luxury and traditional Mallorcan charm.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet, Pool, Sauna, Spa, Flatscreen TV.

Review from a Guest: “An unforgettable experience, from the food to the room, everything was perfect!” – Isabella, UK.

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Posada Terra Santa

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 | 📍 Location: Palma de Mallorca | 👉 View on

For those seeking an idyllic honeymoon retreat in Mallorca, Posada Terra Santa offers a truly enchanting experience. As a standout amongst the best hotels in Palma de Mallorca, it captivates with 26 exclusive rooms, impeccable service, and high-end amenities that promise an intimate romantic escape.

During my stay, the genuine warmth of the staff, combined with the historic charm of this boutique hotel, made every moment memorable. Dining on the rooftop terrace under a canopy of stars, with the soft murmur of the city below, was just one of the many highlights. The tranquil ambiance, perfectly complemented by the boutique-style rooms, became the backdrop to my unforgettable Mallorcan honeymoon. And oh, the bridal suite? Pure perfection with its luxurious touches and attention to detail. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to that splendid Mallorcan sunrise from their private balcony?

You won’t truly understand the magic of Posada Terra Santa until you experience it for yourself. This hidden gem is a haven of romance and luxury, waiting to be discovered.

The hotel is close to: Mercat de l’Olivar, Museu Fundacion Juan March Palma, Basilica de Sant Francesc, Fundacio La Caixa.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples on honeymoon, history enthusiasts, those seeking a boutique luxury experience.

Available Facilities: Paid private parking, Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Rooftop terrace, Spa, Fitness Centre with Gym.

Review from a Guest: “An exquisite stay with top-notch services! The romantic atmosphere made our honeymoon perfect.” – Clara, United Kingdom.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Hotels for Honeymoons in Mallorca

In my personal and humble opinion, planning your honeymoon in Mallorca is absolutely spot-on! The best hotels for honeymoons in Mallorca deliver lovingly intimate accommodation options designed exclusively for couples. Overlooking breathtaking oceanfront views from the comfort of your suite, while indulging at luxury resorts with top-rated spa facilities – a downright invigorating experience for any newlywed. Imagine secluding yourselves away at destinations surrounded by nature’s charms or embracing adult-only retreats nestled amidst the island’s beauty; Romance blossoms under such an extraordinary setting indeed! Wishing you unforgettable memories from these romantic hotels in Mallorca that are truly multifold treasures of this idyllic Spanish isle.

FAQs about Best Hotels for Honeymoons in Mallorca

What Makes Mallorca Honeymoon Hotels Stand Out?

Mallorca, with its breathtaking sunsets and romantic atmosphere, offers some of the best honeymoon hotels I’ve seen. Nestled in the Balearic Islands, these hotels often come with spectacular views, luxurious amenities, and intimate settings. Whether you’re looking for a serene view of the sea from the hills near Arta or wanting to experience the stunning sunsets from a seaview room, Mallorca has it all.

How Do I Choose the Right Honeymoon Hotel in Mallorca?

When I was planning my romantic getaway, I primarily looked for hotels that offered a mix of intimacy and luxury. Reviews from other couples on Tripadvisor, mentioning their unforgettable stays and the romantic ambience, were my guiding lights. Also, additional amenities like on-site spas, delicious breakfasts, and proximity to local attractions played a huge role in my decision.

Are There All-Inclusive Options Available for Couples?

Absolutely! During my search, I came across several all-inclusive honeymoon hotels in Mallorca. Hotels like the Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites caught my eye. These hotels often package meals, activities, and sometimes even travel into one convenient price.

Can I Expect Seaview Rooms in Majorca Hotels?

Yes, many honeymoon hotels in Mallorca offer rooms with breathtaking seaviews. I still remember the magical feeling of watching the sunset from my room at the Jumeirah Port Soller Hotel & Spa. The views added a romantic touch to my stay that was truly unforgettable.

Are These Hotels Suitable for Other Types of Travellers Besides Couples?

Definitely! While many of these hotels are perfect for couples seeking a romantic experience, I noticed many families, solo travellers, and groups of friends enjoying their stays as well. With amenities like pools, spas, and family-friendly activities, these hotels cater to a wide range of guests.

What Kind of Amenities Can I Expect at These Honeymoon Hotels?

I was spoilt for choice when it came to amenities. From on-site spas to luxurious pools and gourmet restaurants, these hotels left no stone unturned. Some, like the Carrossa Hotel & Spa, even offer multiple pools and spa facilities, ensuring guests have a variety of options to relax and unwind.

How Does Pricing Work for These Honeymoon Hotels?

While browsing Tripadvisor, I noticed that the order of prices displayed could be impacted by payments made by partners. To get the most accurate pricing, it’s best to enter your travel dates. From personal experience, I’ve found that these hotels offer a wide range of pricing options, ensuring there’s something for every budget.

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