Best Hotels in Cala Millor Mallorca 2023

Best Hotels in Cala Millor Mallorca

Looking for the best hotels to make your stay in Cala Millor, Mallorca not just memorable but extraordinarily enjoyable? You’ve landed at just the right spot!

Welcome, my friend! I’ll guide you through the opulent corridors of luxury resorts and cosy corners of budget-friendly accommodations on this sun-soaked Mediterranean island. In Cala Millor, we’re spoiled with a fantastic selection that caters to all types of holidaymakers– from beachfront hotels offering turquoise sea views to family-friendly havens packed with entertaining activities.

Oh, and if an all-inclusive resort or boutique hotel near the beach is what tickles your fancy – we have those too! With years under my belt exploring this beautiful oasis – I personally vouch each choice will provide top-notch service coupled with unique charm and character.

Curious about which one steals my heart every time? It has to be among these outstanding options that earned their place as some of the best stays in Cala Millor. Come along then; let’s find yours!

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Hotels in Cala Millor Mallorca

Best Hotels in Cala Millor MallorcaHotel Name
Best Beachfront AccommodationPrope Mare Apartamentos
Best Sustainable Hotel with Beach AccessAparthotel Ciudad Laurel
Central Location Close to BeachHotel Biniamar
Best Adults Only Beachfront HotelKyrat Amarac – Adults Only
Top Rated Hotel with Spa ServicesCaleia Talayot Spa Hotel – Adults Only
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Discover the Ultimate Oasis: My Unforgettable Stay at the Best Hotels in Cala Millor Mallorca!

Prope Mare Apartamentos

⭐️ Rating: 8.6/10 | 📍 Location: Cala Millor Beachfront | 👉 View on

Perched steps away from the stunning Cala Millor Beach, Prope Mare Apartamentos offers visitors a blend of comfort and breathtaking views. With its modern air-conditioned accommodations, the establishment presents guests with spacious apartments, each showcasing a mesmerising view of the azure waters from a private balcony. With amenities like free WiFi, a well-equipped kitchen, and a close proximity to various attractions, this gem in Cala Millor truly offers a touch of Mallorcan luxury.

Oh, the memories! My room was a breezy haven, accented with the rhythmic sounds of the waves. Waking up to the sun casting shimmering reflections on the Cala Millor Beach was pure magic. And can we talk about the balcony? It became my favourite spot to sip on morning coffee and just lose myself in the horizon. The kitchen? Perfectly equipped, turning my culinary experiments into delightful Mediterranean feasts. And evening walks! They felt like serene strolls in a coastal dream with the beach right at my doorstep. And did I mention the proximity to some of the area’s finest attractions? It truly felt like I was living in a slice of Mallorcan paradise. Curious about the view from the top floor?

Every moment at Prope Mare Apartamentos feels like an embrace of Mallorca’s coastal charm. Dive into an experience wrapped in luxury and nature’s grandeur. Why wait?

The hotel is close to:
Cala Millor Beach, Sa Coma Beach, Alcudia Old Town, Natural Park S’Albufera de Mallorca.

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Families seeking beachfront convenience, couples on a romantic getaway, travellers keen on exploring Cala Millor’s attractions.

Available Facilities:
Free WiFi, Family rooms, Beachfront access, Air conditioning, Non-smoking rooms.

Review from a Guest:
“First line. Beach view. Terrace. Location. Everything is close. It was perfect 😉” – Stanislav, Slovakia.

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Hotel Sabina

⭐️ Rating: 8.7/10 | 📍 Location: Cala Millor, Mallorca | 👉 View on

Hotel Sabina
Credit: Facebook / Hotel Sabina

Hotel Sabina is a gem located right on Cala Millor’s pristine white beach. This iconic landmark not only offers magnificent sea views but also boasts two swimming pools, a spa, and sumptuous dining options. Its proximity to Cala Millor’s vibrant shopping and nightlife scene is an added bonus, making it a top choice in Mallorca.

During my stay at Hotel Sabina, I couldn’t get over how close I was to the beautiful Mediterranean waters. Each morning, I’d sip my coffee on the balcony, feeling the gentle sea breeze. The room was spacious and gave off a luxury feel, and oh, the food! Breakfast was an absolute delight with such a wide variety, and knowing there were vegan-friendly options like Catherine from the UK mentioned made it even better. My little tip? Don’t miss lounging by their pool after a day of exploring – it’s the perfect way to unwind. And did I mention it’s just steps away from numerous cafes and shops? It’s not just a stay; it’s an experience.

Experience the magic of Cala Millor’s coast by treating yourself to a stay at Hotel Sabina. Trust me, you won’t regret soaking up the sun at one of Mallorca’s finest!

The hotel is close to: Cala Millor Beach, numerous cafes, shops, and a bustling nightlife scene.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, couples, and solo travellers looking for a luxurious beachfront stay with easy access to local attractions.

Available Facilities: Two swimming pools, spa and wellness centre, free WiFi, beachfront location, on-site restaurant.

Review from a Guest: “Food was amazing. As a vegan I found there was always something tasty and never went hungry.” – Catherine, United Kingdom.

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Aparthotel Ciudad Laurel

⭐️ Rating: 8.0/10 | 📍 Location: Cala Millor, Mallorca | 👉 View on

Aparthotel Ciudad Laurel
Credit: Facebook / Aparthotel Ciudad Laurel

Discover a Cala Millor gem, Aparthotel Ciudad Laurel. Situated just 800 metres from the picturesque Cala Bona Beach, this hotel boasts free WiFi, terraces, balconies, and lush gardens. Dive into a seasonal outdoor pool or indulge in a continental breakfast every morning. Enjoy the convenience of a fully equipped kitchen and unwind with satellite TV after a day exploring Mallorca.

Walking into my room, the first thing I noticed was the immaculate attention to detail. My balcony offered the most serene views, and mornings were made perfect with the sound of birds and the sight of the sun glistening on the pool. The kitchen had everything I needed, making my evening meal preps enjoyable. Oh, and the international cuisine at the hotel’s restaurant? Delightfully mouth-watering! Have you ever tried cycling in Cala Millor? It’s an experience you’ll cherish, especially with rental services available right at the hotel. What truly made my stay memorable was the sustainable steps the hotel had incorporated. Knowing my stay had a minimal environmental impact made the experience even more special.

Eager to uncover Cala Millor’s secrets? Aparthotel Ciudad Laurel is your perfect starting point. Dive into an experience that melds comfort with sustainability, making every moment of your Mallorca journey memorable.

The hotel is close to: Cala Bona Beach, Cala Millor Beach, and Natural Park S’Albufera de Mallorca.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, eco-conscious travellers, and those looking for a blend of luxury and sustainability.

Available Facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, Free WiFi, Restaurant, Fitness centre, Children’s playground.

Review from a Guest: “Great staff, great food, really children friendly and relaxed.” – Emma, Ireland.

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Hotel Millor Sol

⭐️ Rating: 8.3/10 | 📍 Location: Cala Millor, Mallorca | 👉 View on

Hotel Millor Sol
Credit: Facebook / Hotel Millor Sol

Hotel Millor Sol in Cala Millor, Mallorca, is a gem on the east coast. Only 400 metres from the beach, guests can enjoy a large swimming pool, air-conditioned rooms with private balconies and a range of Mediterranean and international delicacies at the buffet restaurant. This hotel is especially wonderful for families, offering amenities that make your Mallorca holiday unforgettable.

Oh, the memories of my stay at Hotel Millor Sol are etched in my mind. I couldn’t get enough of their expansive swimming pools – the perfect retreat on a sunny Mallorca afternoon. And the beach? A short stroll away! What particularly stood out was the buffet restaurant, where I indulged in some of the finest Mediterranean dishes. And the kids? They danced their heartsout at the evening mini disco. Every corner of this hotel seemed to buzz with positive energy, from the always-smiling staff to the buzzing evening entertainment. The room? A cosy sanctuary with a view. My top tip: Take a leisurely evening walk along the Cala Millor beach after a hearty meal.

You’ve got to experience Hotel Millor Sol for yourself; it’s a slice of Mallorca magic waiting for you. Dive into those pools, taste that Mediterranean cuisine, and let Cala Millor charm you.

The hotel is close to: Son Servera Golf Club, various water sports activities and horse riding facilities.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families seeking a blend of relaxation and entertainment.

Available Facilities: Outdoor swimming pool, Free WiFi, Free parking, 2 restaurants, Non-smoking rooms.

Review from a Guest: “Very family-friendly hotel with good swimming pools for both adults and kids. Not far from the centre and beach. Overall, recommended hotel.” – Tamàs, Hungary.

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Hotel Biniamar

⭐️ Rating: 8.3/10 | 📍 Location: Cala Millor, Spain | 👉 View on

Set right in the heart of Cala Millor and just a hop away from the beach, Hotel Biniamar is a delightful blend of classic charm and modern comforts. The rooms, flooded with natural light, overlook a vibrant swimming pool. Indulge in fabulous breakfasts, relax at the on-site bar, or feel the rhythm at the evening entertainment in their terrace cafeteria. A short stroll takes you to the bustling promenade lined with shops and eateries.

Staying at the Hotel Biniamar felt like discovering Cala Millor’s best-kept secret. My room, kissed by the Mediterranean sun, offered a mesmerising pool view that had me lost in daydreams. Breakfasts here? An absolute treat! The buffet was a medley of delectable choices that kickstarted my day. But what made my heart truly sing was the proximity to the beach; within seconds, I felt the sand between my toes. And those late-night music sessions at the terrace cafeteria? They added just the right amount of zest to my nights. Do you ever wish you could find a place that felt both new and familiar at once? That was Hotel Biniamar for me.

Take a chance and dive into the allure of Hotel Biniamar. With every sunrise and sunset, find something new to cherish and memories waiting to be made.

The hotel is close to: Beach, pedestrian promenade, and local shopping outlets.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Beach lovers, families, and shoppers.

Available Facilities: 2 swimming pools, Free WiFi, Fitness centre, Restaurant, Bar.

Review from a Guest: “The hotel is old but our room was clean, the service was excellent, friendly staff, good breakfast and best location. We will definitely stay there again and again.” – Jacquelene, Luxembourg.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Hotels in Cala Millor Mallorca

With all sincerity, I am thrilled to share the allure of the best hotels in Cala Millor Mallorca with you. Imagine basking in sheer relaxation at top-rated accommodation while enjoying breathtaking views, or luxuriating at beachfront hotels where gentle waves sing lullabies. From luxury resorts in Mallorca that cradle sophistication and elegance to family-friendly havens ensuring joy for all ages – your choices are abundant here! Even budget-friendly accommodations in Mallorca offer their charm, providing comfort without breaking your bank. And if total bliss is what you seek, there’s no surpassing the all-inclusive resorts in Cala Millor or boutique hotels near the beach. Eagerly sharing these insights stirs my anticipation for your forthcoming experiences – may they be as rich and memorable as mine have been!

FAQs about Best Hotels in Cala Millor Mallorca

What are some top-rated hotels in Cala Millor, Mallorca?

I recently discovered that Cala Millor boasts several highly rated hotels. Some of the crowd favorites include Hotel Sabina, Aparthotel Ciudad Laurel, Hotel Millor Sol, and Hotel Biniamar, all of which have received commendable reviews from guests. Each of these hotels offers unique amenities, making them ideal for different kinds of travelers.

How close are these hotels to the beach in Cala Millor?

When I checked the listings, I found that many hotels in Cala Millor, such as BLUESEA Cala Millor and Hotel Voramar, are situated beachfront, allowing guests direct access to the pristine beaches. Others, like the Hotel Sabina Playa and Aparthotel Tropicana, are just a short walk away. It’s a dream come true for beach lovers like me!

Which hotels in Cala Millor are part of the Travel Sustainable program?

Sustainability is close to my heart, and I was thrilled to see that several hotels in Cala Millor are committed to eco-friendly practices. Hotels like Senator Cala Millor, Caleia Talayot Spa Hotel, and Marins Playa have earned their place in the Travel Sustainable program. It feels good to stay at a place that cares for the environment as much as I do.

Are there any adult-only hotels in Cala Millor?

Yes, for those looking for a tranquil getaway, there are adult-only accommodations in Cala Millor. Marins Beach Club is a popular choice that offers 4-star amenities, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating stay without the bustle of younger guests.

Which accommodations in Cala Millor offer a sea view?

One of the perks of staying in Cala Millor is the mesmerizing sea view. From my research, many hotels like Prope Mare Apartamentos, Hotel Sabina, and BLUESEA Cala Millor offer rooms with balconies that provide stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Waking up to the sound of waves is an experience I cherish!

What amenities can I expect at Cala Millor hotels?

Cala Millor hotels are designed to pamper their guests. I’ve noted amenities such as free Wi-Fi, swimming pools, fitness centers, and spa facilities. Additionally, for those like me who prefer some culinary delights, many hotels have in-house restaurants to satisfy those cravings. Convenience and luxury go hand in hand in Cala Millor.

Are there any family-friendly properties in Cala Millor?

Absolutely! Families visiting Cala Millor will find several accommodations tailored to their needs. Properties like Marins Playa offer facilities that cater to both adults and children. With the beach nearby and an array of activities to indulge in, it’s a destination I’d recommend to families seeking fun and relaxation.

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