Best Hiking Tours in Mallorca 2023

Best Hiking Tours in Mallorca

Ever been to Mallorca and thought hiking was only for the mountain pros? I used to think the same, until I laced up my boots and hit those trails myself!

Mallorca isn’t just about sun-kissed beaches and sizzling paellas. Trust me, the island’s hiking trails are as delightful as its coastline! Imagine me, gasping for breath but completely smitten, atop the rocky hills of Valldemossa, looking out at the deep blue sea meeting dramatic ocean cliffs. And that hike through Torrent de Pareis? I was half-expecting a dragon to appear from behind the mountains – it felt that magical.

Then there was the time I dared to venture into the Water Cave in Cova des Coloms. Drenched but exhilarated, I navigated through the cave’s mysterious lakes, each one hiding its own secret. And oh, my hike in Pollensa? Felt like stepping into a time machine, with every trail revealing a different chapter of history.

But here’s a golden nugget from my adventure: the Coll de l’Ofre and Barranc de Biniaraix half-day hike. The views from the top? Just spellbinding! I still daydream about that vista, with a hot cuppa in hand on chilly evenings.

Now, I’ve spilled enough of my hiking beans. How about you? Ready to uncover Mallorca’s hidden hiking gems on your own? Which trail will steal your heart first?

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Best Hiking Tours in MallorcaName
Best for Electric Scooter AdventureEASYMOOV Electric Scooter Tours – Son Serra de Marina
Best for Coastal Cliff ExplorationValldemossa lookouts and S’Estaca
Best for Advanced Terrain and Beach ExperienceTorrent de Pareis
Best for Water Cave ExplorationWater Cave in Cova des Coloms
Best for Cultural Immersion and Landscape BeautyHiking Private Tour in Pollensa
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My Unforgettable Adventure: Navigating the Best Hiking Tours in Mallorca!

Torrent de Pareis

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (5 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Escorca, Spain | 👉 Check Availability

Torrent de Pareis
Credit: Tour Provider

An Unearthed Mallorcan Gem

Hike the Torrent de Pareis with an expert guide, marvel at the 300-metre-high cliffs, and be stunned by nature’s wildest facets. Dive into Mallorca’s most celebrated hike, where geology and flora come to life. What’s the cherry on top? An indulgent lunch at Sa Calobra beach. This is Mallorca, reimagined.

My Day Amidst Majestic Cliffs

To say my day at Torrent de Pareis was breathtaking would be an understatement. Every step of this exhilarating hike felt like a scene straight out of an epic adventure film. The jagged cliffs rising high, the sound of my own breath, and the crunch of pebbles beneath my boots – it was magical. And can we talk about the thrill of jumping, sliding, and scrambling over dramatic terrains?

Lunch at Sa Calobra? Divine. Imagine savouring your meal with a panorama of the Mediterranean Sea before you. That mix of sand and pebbles underfoot, the salty breeze, and the sumptuous spread laid out was an experience to remember. Did I mention the cavernous gorge leading to the beach? An artist’s dream come true.

And the tales! My guide was a font of knowledge, sharing legends of the mountains and the cultural heartbeat of Mallorca. I mean, how often do you get to learn about a place from someone who’s lived its stories?

What made this trip unforgettable for me? It was the blend of adventure, relaxation, and tales of old. My friends, you’ve got to try this out.

Book Your Adventure

This isn’t just a hike; it’s a deep dive into the soul of Mallorca. Think you’ve seen it all? Torrent de Pareis might just prove you wrong. Go ahead, venture where only the most intrepid tread.

Essential Details

PriceFrom €125.80 (Price varies by group size)
Duration5 to 6 hours
LanguagesOffered in English and one more
IncludedInsurance, English-speaking guide, Transfers, Water, Snacks
Meeting PointRestaurante Brisamar, 07315 Escorca, Islas Baleares, Spain
CancellationNon-refundable unless due to poor weather or minimal bookings

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Always wear comfortable shoes; there’s some serious scrambling involved!
  • Listen to your guide. The historical tidbits make the hike even more enriching.
  • Don’t forget your camera. The views? Absolutely cinematic!
  • Save some appetite for lunch at Sa Calobra. It’s a treat with a view.

A Guest Speaks: “Incredible hike! Felt every moment with the rich history, exciting terrains, and the sumptuous meal at Sa Calobra. A must-do in Mallorca!” – Alex Thompson, UK.

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Hiking Private Tour in Pollensa

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (4 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Pollença, Spain | 👉 Check Availability

Hiking Private Tour in Pollensa
Credit: Tour Provider

A Journey through Pollensa’s Hidden Gems

Experience the charm of Pollensa like never before. This private hiking tour, set amidst the idyllic landscapes of Mallorca, takes you on a journey through time and space, merging breathtaking vistas with riveting tales. Whether you’re captivated by the lush trails or intrigued by the local legends, this hike promises an immersive experience you’ll cherish forever.

My Day on the Trails

It’s rare to find an adventure that strikes a perfect balance between nature’s splendour and cultural narratives. But this tour was it! I began my day in the heart of Pollensa, where our cheerful guide briefed us about the day’s itinerary. As we made our way through the trail, I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer beauty around us. Each twist and turn revealed a new landscape – some filled with whispers of ancient legends, others with the majestic views of Mallorca. I remember taking a moment at La Victòria Hermitage, feeling the warmth of the sun on my face and the wind carrying tales from Alcúdia Watchtower. The highlight? Definitely, our descent into a canyon led us to a secluded beach. It felt like our little secret, a slice of paradise only a few have witnessed. And the stories our guide shared? Absolutely riveting! Ever wondered how ancient folks navigated these trails? Or why a particular spot was deemed sacred? By the end, my heart was full, not just with the beauty I’d witnessed but the tales I’d imbibed.

Don’t Wait, Dive Into Adventure

Imagine standing atop a cliff, the wind in your hair, legends in your heart, and the vast expanse of Pollensa unfolding before you. That could be you. Dive into this mesmerising adventure and let Pollensa’s beauty engulf you.

Tour Details At A Glance

PriceFrom €135.00 (Price varies by group size)
Duration5 hours
LanguagesOffered in English and 1 more
Meeting PointVia Pollentia, 43, 07460 Pollença, Illes Balears, Spain
InclusionsFees, Taxes, Insurance, Water, Breakfast

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Begin early to catch the sunrise; the golden hues against Mallorca’s backdrop are surreal.
  • Pack light but don’t forget a good camera; every corner is a postcard waiting to be captured.
  • Engage with the guide; their wealth of knowledge adds depth to the experience.
  • Wear sturdy shoes; some trails can be a tad challenging, but oh, the views they lead to!

A Note from a Fellow Traveller: “The most amazing experience of my life. The descent into the canyon and the beach at the end? Absolute bliss!” – Susan_S, United Kingdom.

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Coll de l’Ofre and Barranc de Biniaraix Half-Day Hike

⭐️ Rating: 5.0/5 (1 Review) | 📍 Location: Fornalutx, Spain | 👉 Check Availability

Coll de l'Ofre and Barranc de Biniaraix Half-Day Hike
Credit: Tour Provider

A Majestic Exploration Awaits

Journey through the breathtaking trails of Mallorca’s mountains on this half-day hike. A challenging ascent to the Coll de l’Ofre rewards with panoramic vistas of the Soller Valley, crowned by the magnificent Puig Major peak. As you descend through the Barranc de Biniaraix, you’ll be left speechless by its unmatched beauty. This is nature at its finest, a unique Mallorcan treasure waiting to be discovered.

A Day I’ll Never Forget

I remember the invigorating scent of the mountain air, the feel of the cobblestone path beneath my boots, and the thrill of conquering the climb to Coll de l’Ofre. The views? Simply sublime! I stood atop, with the Soller valley sprawling beneath, its beauty making the exertion worthwhile. My guide was a treasure trove of tales, regaling me with stories of the area, and adding depth to the picturesque landscapes. Then, the descent through Barranc de Biniaraix was an entirely different adventure. The sound of water trickling down the brook and the towering peaks of Cornadors left an indelible imprint on my mind. Who knew that the quaint town of Fornalutx, renowned as one of Spain’s most beautiful, would be the starting point of such a mesmerising journey? And did I mention the charming narrow streets and the iconic painted roof tiles? You’ve got to see it to believe it!

Seize the Day!

This isn’t just a hike; it’s an immersion into the soul of Mallorca. Time waits for no one, and neither does the captivating beauty of Coll de l’Ofre and Barranc de Biniaraix. Dive in!

Essential Details

Duration4 to 6 hours
PriceFrom €65.00 (Varies by group size)
Languages OfferedEnglish and 1 more
Start Time10:30 AM
Meeting PointAjuntament de Fornalutx, Fornalutx, Spain
IncludesInsurance, Tour guide, Transfer, Personal gear, Bottled water

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Secure your booking early: The first six get a complimentary ride from select points.
  • Spend some time exploring Fornalutx before or after the hike. It’s worth every minute!
  • Listen to the tales your guide shares; they enrich the experience tenfold.
  • Stay hydrated. It’s a rewarding yet challenging trek.

Guest’s Voice: “We had the most amazing day with Frederico. So friendly/chatty and knowledgeable about the area. Couldn’t fault him or our day in the mountains.” — lynn_r, Spain.

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Alpine Hiking Tour in Mallorca with optional transfer

⭐️ Rating: 4.3/5 (161,815 Reviews) | 📍 Location: Escorca, Spain | 👉 Check Availability

Alpine Hiking Tour in Mallorca with optiona transfer
Credit: Tour Provider

Discovering Mallorca’s Peaks

The Alpine Hiking Tour in Mallorca isn’t just a trek – it’s a dance between earth and sky. Picture yourself reaching two of the island’s 54 peaks over 1,000 meters, with spectacular views and the freedom of the mountains revitalising your spirit. Throw in the additional luxury of an optional transfer, and this adventure becomes irresistible.

Walking Amongst Giants

I’ll admit, the excitement was palpable as I laced up my hiking boots for this escapade. The rendezvous at sa Font des Prat set the stage, and as we embarked towards the Cúber reservoir, my heart raced in anticipation. The trek to Puig de sa Font and Morro d’Almatlutx was like walking amongst giants, each step echoing with stories of ancient Mallorca. The highlight? The view from the peaks – a tableau of the Puig de ses Vinyes and the majestic Puig Major. As the wind whispered secrets of the isle, I felt an unrivalled connection with nature. And let’s not forget the surprise element – an artificial pond at Cuber, a relic from Mallorca’s ancient conquests. Every step, every view, every moment was like an intimate dialogue with the land. And for those keen on a little extra comfort, the optional transfer was a touch of gold. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!

An Unforgettable Adventure Awaits!

Feeling the urge to venture out and discover Mallorca’s lesser-known heights? Believe me, this is the tour where memories are made. Each peak climbed, every view savoured, adds a chapter to your adventure story.

Essential Tour Details

PriceFrom €103.00 (Varies by group size)
Duration4 to 5 hours
LanguagesEnglish and one more
Meeting PointFont des Noguer, Escorca, Balearic Islands, Spain
Start Time09:30 AM
End PointBack at the meeting point

Exclusive Insights from My Personal Journey

  • Early Birds: Grab the free transfer! It’s available for the first six to book from selected meeting points.
  • Snack Attack: They provide snacks and bottled water, so no need to pack heavy.
  • Fitness Alert: The hike requires a moderate fitness level. Lace up and be ready!

Guest Review: “An adventure like no other! Those peaks, the views, and the entire experience were just mesmerising. Can’t wait to do it again.” – Maria, Portugal.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Hiking Tours in Mallorca

In my treks across the world, Mallorca’s trails stand out like a vivid memory. The rugged terrains, the cliff-side paths, and the breathtaking coastal views, it’s a hiker’s dream. Every step I took unveiled a new story of nature and history. From the enchanting Valldemossa to the thrilling Torrent de Pareis, my soul was awed and satisfied. The highlight? The serene Water Cave in Cova des Coloms! Believe me, Mallorca’s hiking tours are a captivating tapestry of adventures. Every moment I spent there is now a cherished chapter in my travelogue.

FAQs about Best Hiking Tours in Mallorca

How long are the hiking tours in Mallorca?

I’ve seen durations ranging from a few hours to a day or more. My hike at Torrent de Pareis, for instance, took around 5 to 6 hours.

What should I expect from the Water Cave in Cova des Coloms tour?

On my trip, I started with a short walk to the coast, donned a wetsuit, and swam to the cave entrance. Inside, there were stunning formations and serene lakes to swim in.

Is the Valldemossa hike beginner-friendly?

Yes, it is. I enjoyed the cliff-top hike in Valldemossa, which offers unparalleled ocean views and a taste of history.

Do I need special equipment for these hikes?

Most of the tours provided the essential equipment. For the Water Cave, for example, I was given a wetsuit, fins, and helmet.

How challenging is the Torrent de Pareis hike?

It’s more suited for active hikers. I had to scramble, jump, and slide, but the views were worth every effort.

Are the hiking tours private or in groups?

Both options are available. I’ve had experiences like the EASYMOOV Electric Scooter Tour, which was private, tailored just for my group.

Can I cancel my hiking tour if my plans change?

Most of the tours I looked into offered free cancellation, but it’s best to confirm at the time of booking.

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