Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Mallorca 2023

Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Mallorca

Fancy a dip in the pool followed by an organic breakfast under Mallorca’s sunny blue skies? Well, how about doing that at one of the best eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca?

I’ve been fortunate to witness firsthand how this magnificent island has embraced green concepts with open arms! It was a refreshing experience staying at several eco-conscious lodgings. They offer an exquisite blend of traditional charm and cutting-edge sustainability practices. Trust me; these are not your run-of-the-mill accommodations.

Everywhere from sustainable accommodation havens tucked away midst citrus orchards or nature-oriented establishments cradled by timeless mountain ranges – it’s all here!

Choosing your base is crucial for any trip, but when you’re opting for environmentally friendly resorts on an idyllic Mediterranean Island… well, it becomes even more exciting.

So why don’t we dive right into exploring some fantastic eco-friendly lodging options available throughout Mallorca? And who knows, perhaps today you will find your own ideal place – conserving environment while having the time of your life!

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Mallorca

Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in MallorcaHotel Name
Best Traditional Finca HotelFinca Hotel Son Palou
Best Serene Countryside RetreatFinca Hotel Ca’s Curial
Best Modern Comforts HotelAimia Hotel
Best Adults-Only Green HotelHotel Astoria Playa Only Adults
Best Green Resort & SpaHotel BonSol Resort & Spa
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I Spill the Beans: The Ultimate Green Getaways in Mallorca! Find the Best Eco-Friendly Hotels for Nature-Loving Me.

Finca Hotel Son Palou

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Orient, Majorca | 👉 View on

Finca Hotel Son Palou
Credit: Facebook / Finca Hotel Son Palou

A gem in Mallorca, Finca Hotel Son Palou perfectly blends modern comforts with age-old Majorcan charm. As one of the top eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca, it beautifully preserves the character of rural Majorcan architecture while offering top-notch amenities. Here, the bygone era’s essence is relived, presenting a unique sustainable luxury.

During my stay at Finca Hotel Son Palou, I couldn’t help but be mesmerised by its dedication to sustainability without compromising luxury. Waking up to the sounds of nature and knowing that the hotel is deeply rooted in eco-friendly practices was an unmatched experience. The free bicycles made my explorations eco-conscious and exhilarating. And did I mention the farm-fresh breakfast? Every bite hinted at its commitment to the environment and the community. You’d love to take a dip in their pool, knowing that behind its refreshing waters lies a sustainable philosophy. And oh, the views from my private balcony were just a dream! How does it feel to sip a morning coffee looking over Majorcan landscapes?

You deserve to witness this unique blend of tradition and eco-conscious luxury. Discover the magic of Finca Hotel Son Palou and get ready to be captivated by its commitment to a greener future.

The hotel is close to: Castell d Alaro, Pueblo de Fornaluxt, and Ecovinyassa.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Sustainable travellers, history enthusiasts, and nature lovers.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet, Spa, Free Breakfast, Bicycle Rental, Pool.

Review from a Guest: “A beautiful retreat that cares for the environment just as much as its guests. A must-visit!” – Maria, UK

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Finca Hotel Ca’s Curial

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 | 📍 Location: Soller, Majorca | 👉 View on

Finca Hotel Ca's Curial
Credit: Facebook / Finca Hotel Ca’s Curial

Tucked amid thousands of lemon and orange trees lies the Finca Hotel Ca’s Curial, a true emblem of eco-friendly luxury in Mallorca. The establishment, comprised of three historic Majorcan houses, seamlessly blends the authenticity of its Muslim era origin with modern comforts. With the scent of citrus wafting through the air and the best of Majorcan gastronomy at your fingertips, the Ca’s Curial promises an unparalleled sustainable retreat.

Oh, what a haven Finca Hotel Ca’s Curial was! I remember lounging on my private balcony, wrapped up in the serenity that only thousands of orange trees can provide. The breakfast was a celebration of local Mallorcan foods, with every bite reminding me of the island’s rich history and commitment to sustainability. And the shower? Pure bliss. With a powerful water pressure that seemed to massage away my worries, it was easily one of the highlights. I often strolled into the town centre in the evenings, relishing the proximity yet appreciating the peace the hotel provided. Did I mention the little supermarket nearby? Perfect for those impromptu picnics amidst the citrus groves.

Don’t let this gem in Mallorca stay undiscovered. Dive into a world where history meets eco-friendly luxury. There’s an eco-paradise waiting just for you at the Finca Hotel Ca’s Curial!

The hotel is close to:
Restaurante Cas Carreter, Ca’n Llimona, Restaurante Luna 36, Ca’n BoQueta, Can Det Farm, Can Prunera Museum of Modernism, Iglesia de Sant Bartomeu, Sala Picasso y Sala Miró.

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Couples seeking a romantic retreat, history enthusiasts, eco-conscious travellers, and those looking to immerse in Majorcan culture.

Available Facilities:
Free High-Speed Internet, Outdoor Pool, Massage services, Diving, Hiking.

Review from a Guest:
“A little piece of heaven carefully tended by wonderful people. We enjoyed the views from our terrace and the generous welcome drink late at night.” – mamaligablues, Bristol, UK.

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Aimia Hotel, Port de Soller

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: Port de Soller, Majorca, Spain | 👉 View on

Set mere steps away from the pristine sands of Port de Soller, the Aimia Hotel exemplifies a flawless blend of luxury and eco-conscious living. With breathtaking sea views, this boutique gem not only assures a memorable stay but is also a paragon of sustainability in Mallorca. Its spa, fitness area, and home-like ambiance make it a beacon for those seeking rest and a harmonious connection with nature.

Strolling by the beach at dawn, the first rays of the sun danced on the azure waves, reflecting the commitment of the Aimia Hotel to protect this paradise. The gentle scent of breakfast, the calm whisper of the sea, and the meticulous attention to eco-friendly details made my stay truly remarkable. Do you ever have those moments when you feel deeply connected to a place? That’s what Aimia gave me. The serenity, the eco-conscious practices, and the lavishness of the amenities culminated in an unforgettable experience. It felt like a secret haven where luxury meets sustainability, a place where every moment resonated with the sound of the sea and the promise of a greener tomorrow.

Isn’t it time you discovered the magic of Aimia Hotel? Dive into the perfect amalgamation of luxury and environmental mindfulness, and let Mallorca’s finest eco-friendly gem enchant you.

The hotel is close to: Platja de Soller Beach, Marina Tramontana, Cas Siquier Gift Shops, Museu de la Mar – Port de Sóller.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Eco-conscious travellers, beach lovers, couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Fitness Centre with Gym/Workout Room, Free Breakfast, Pool, Bicycle rental.

Review from a Guest: “The only place to stay in Port de Soller. Immaculately clean, efficient, and yet friendly.” – MrsAxe, United Kingdom.

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Hotel Astoria Playa Only Adults

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 | 📍 Location: Port d’Alcudia, Majorca | 👉 View on

Situated a mere 150 metres from the pristine beaches of Port d’Alcudia, the Hotel Astoria Playa stands as a beacon for eco-conscious travellers seeking luxury without compromising the environment. With an adults-only policy, this four-star haven boasts two lavish pools, surrounded by lush gardens, and modern amenities that cater to the environmentally-minded guest.

Oh, the charm of Hotel Astoria Playa! As I strolled through the verdant gardens, the gentle hum of nature provided a soothing backdrop. The hiking routes promoted by the local councils were a delightful discovery, making it easy to embrace Majorca’s beauty sustainably. One morning, after a refreshing dip in one of the Jacuzzis, I chatted with fellow guests who raved about the nearby Alcanada Golf course. It’s genuinely a paradise for those seeking both relaxation and eco-friendly adventures. The blackout curtains in my room ensured I had a restful night, and the following day? A cycling tour! It’s one thing to read about a place, but to experience it? Absolutely unforgettable!

Ever thought of a holiday that offers both luxury and sustainability? Dive into an experience you won’t forget at Hotel Astoria Playa and discover why it tops the list of eco-friendly sanctuaries in Majorca.

The hotel is close to: Prince Of Wales Bar, Enjoy Club, Mucky OMarras Irish Pub, and GoodFellas Music Bar Alcudia.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Eco-conscious couples, sport enthusiasts, and those seeking a serene adult-only getaway.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet, Pool & Jacuzzis, Bicycle Rental.

Review from a Guest: “A peaceful oasis with a touch of luxury. The eco-friendly features were the cherry on top!” – Sarah, UK.

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Hotel BonSol Resort & Spa

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: Illetes, Majorca | 👉View on

Tucked away amidst lush pine trees, Hotel BonSol Resort & Spa offers an idyllic eco-friendly retreat in Illetes, Majorca. With its Moorish tower overlooking the picturesque Palma bay, guests are treated to an amalgamation of luxury, sustainability, and traditional charm. Amenities like free breakfast, pools, a private beach, and two distinct dining venues ensure that environmentally-conscious travellers don’t have to compromise on comfort and experience.

Staying at Hotel BonSol felt like diving into an eco-luxe dream. My mornings started with invigorating swims in the azure waters of their secluded bay, followed by sumptuous, sustainably-sourced breakfasts by the sea. The tranquility of their lush gardens whispered stories of sustainability, and evenings found me basking under the stars, feeling grateful for such conscious luxury. Did you know, by the way, that the hotel is family-owned for 70 years? It’s the personal touches that make all the difference. Conversations with local staff revealed the eco-initiatives they’ve embraced. Such dedication to green hospitality is truly heartwarming.

If an eco-friendly paradise in Majorca sounds enticing, then Hotel BonSol Resort & Spa is where your search ends. Every moment spent here will amplify your commitment to sustainable travel, all while enveloping you in unmatched luxury.

The hotel is close to: Platja d’Illetes, Cala Comtesa, The Bronze Bar Magaluf, The rose mallow.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Eco-conscious travellers, couples seeking a romantic getaway, families in search of luxury amidst nature.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Private Beach, Diving, Fitness Centre with Gym, Free Parking.

Review from a Guest: “This is a XAMENA family-owned for 70 years hotel with unique personality! It has its own secluded small bay, 2 pools, and beautiful very green nature.” – Alungs, Los Angeles, California.

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My Final Thoughts on Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Mallorca

I’m confident that the best eco-friendly hotels in Mallorca will uplift your holiday experience substantially. The charm of these green hotels, and their dedication to sustainable accommodation cannot be overstated. These environmentally friendly resorts provide nature-oriented accommodations, allowing you a unique connection with Mother Earth whilst enjoying an unforgettable getaway. Coupling this with the luxurious comfort offered by these eco-conscious lodgings I must say stepping into any of these places is akin to awakening within a dream. Endorse your love for the environment whilst indulging in paradise; it’s extraordinary how seamless that blend can be at these top-notch eco-friendly lodging options on our beloved island.

FAQs about Best Eco-Friendly Hotels in Mallorca

How do I choose the best green hotel in Majorca for my trip?
When I want to ensure an eco-friendly stay in Majorca, I always look for traveller-ranked hotels on platforms like Tripadvisor. Popular options like Finca Hotel Son Palou or Aimia Hotel have received high praises from travellers. It’s essential to check for traveller reviews, photos, and any certifications that vouch for their green initiatives.

Are there luxury green hotels available in Majorca?
Absolutely! Majorca boasts a mix of luxury and budget-friendly green hotels. Places like Hotel BonSol Resort & Spa and Castillo Hotel Son Vida offer a luxury experience while also prioritizing sustainable practices. I’ve always felt pampered while knowing I’m making a sustainable choice.

Which green hotels in Majorca offer all-inclusive packages?
Several green hotels in Majorca offer all-inclusive packages. On my trips, I’ve noticed popular options like Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites and Iberostar Club Cala Barca. These hotels combine luxury with sustainability, making them an excellent choice for eco-conscious travellers who also value convenience.

Are there adult-only green hotels in Majorca?
Yes, there are. For travellers like me who prefer an adult-centric experience, Hotel Astoria Playa Only Adults and Barceló Illetas Albatros – Adults Only are among the eco-friendly hotels that cater specifically to adults.

How close are these eco-friendly hotels to Majorca’s major attractions?
Many of the green hotels in Majorca are conveniently located near top attractions. During my visits, I’ve stayed at hotels close to places like Catedral de Mallorca and Tren De Soller. It’s always comforting to know that I’m close to the action while staying sustainably.

Can I find green hotels in Majorca that fit a tighter budget?
Definitely! Majorca offers green hotels for various budgets. While there are luxury options, places like INNSiDE by Meliá Palma Center or Mar Calma Hotel provide eco-friendly stays without breaking the bank. It’s always great to find affordable options that don’t compromise on sustainability.

What amenities can I expect in Majorca’s eco-friendly hotels?
The amenities vary, but from my experience, most green hotels in Majorca offer standard comforts such as free WiFi, pools, and breakfast options. Some hotels, like Mon Port Hotel & Spa, even offer spa services. It’s always a delight to find that eco-friendly doesn’t mean compromising on comfort and luxury.

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