7 Best Coworking Spaces in Mallorca 2023

Best Coworking Spaces in Mallorca

Ever have those days when working from your couch or the same old coffee shop just doesn’t cut it? Well, fear not my fellow freelancers and entrepreneurs! The rise of coworking spaces has taken over the world by storm. From laptop-wielding nomads to startup teams looking for a creative oasis, these flexible workspaces offer an inspiring alternative to traditional nine-to-five office life.

But with so many options out there, how do you choose which one is right for you? Fear not because we’ve got you covered on this quest to find what may be your favourite place ever to get some work done: Mallorca’s best coworking spots!

With its abundance of sun-soaked beaches and exquisite cuisine, Mallorca is already known as a paradise-like escape. Imagine experiencing all that while getting stuff done in style at some of the most innovative co-working spaces around town. Whether you’re seeking a quiet retreat or a lively hubbub-filled environment- each area caters differently.

From conferences to casual meetups with clients, every time I step into any one of these places I feel like anything is possible. Not only does the vibrant atmosphere encourage productivity but also creates avenues for collaboration with like-minded individuals or opportunities Also saving on overheads without skimping on comfort ain’t too shabby either 😉

🔑 Key Takeaways:
Here’s what you’ll learn from reading this article:

  • When it comes to choosing the best coworking space in Mallorca, location is one of the most important factors! You must find a space that suits your needs and is accessible from where you live or stay. Whether you prefer a quiet or bustling area, look for a spot close to transportation terminals, cafes/restaurants/bars or other places of interest.
  • Coworking spaces come in all shapes and sizes – this means that there’s something available for every type of professional need! If you’re looking for office-style spaces with private meeting rooms and tech features choose ones near business centres; if creative vibes inspire you opt for an artistic corner – maybe near some art-conscious attractions around town; similarly if outdoor lifestyle moments feed your work objectives then find a location by parks and oceanside paths.
  • The amenities offered by different coworking spaces can differ immensely – electric sockets aplenty, super-fast internet access, and refreshments like coffee/tea/snacks within limits only. You’ll want to look at what services each has on offer before committing time & money to them. Make sure they have comfortable seating arrangements so shoulder fatigue doesn’t strike too often also!

☝️ How we rated the services below:
When it comes to selecting the best coworking spaces in Mallorca, we took into consideration several factors that would ensure a productive and inspiring work environment. Here are some of the key criteria we used to evaluate each space:

  • Location: We looked at the accessibility and convenience of the location. A prime location that is easily accessible by public transportation, near restaurants or cafes was prioritized.
  • Amenities: We evaluated what amenities were offered to tenants which included fast internet speed, printer/scanner availability, air conditioning systems/Dedicated AC rooms (AC), kitchen facilities and free working tools like pens & papers.
  • Community atmosphere: The type of people who work at this establishment also determines a lot about its feel as well so community involvement plays a key role in decision-making for every company today! Everyone there needs to have mutual respect towards their fellow tenants while encouraging social interactions.
  • Ambience: Particular attention was paid to how aesthetically pleasing an area is with great lighting sources making the workspace easy without straining upon eyes too much whilst avoiding stressful noise levels through solid insulation options
  • Costs And Flexibility: When operating remotely, some businesses require hourly rental services whereas others may need monthly rentals; therefore using flexible time packages appeals more. To cater to our demography price range being compatible has been tried exercising fair pricing policies!

7 Coworking Spaces in Mallorca That Will Revolutionize Your Work Life

☝️ Oh, let me tell you about the wild ride we had testing out the best coworking spaces in Mallorca. Our team dove headfirst into researching and trying out every space available, with our family and friends reluctantly tagging along like loyal minions. We sifted through more hot desks than one can handle and ended up finding some hidden gems amidst all the shiny distractions. Let’s just say our passion for finding that perfect workspace was hotter than a Spanish summer day.


⭐ An Unfiltered Assessment of THE HUB MALLORCA:

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Located in Carrer de Caro, THE HUB MALLORCA is a fantastic coworking space that will exceed all of your expectations. Featuring a spacious and clean environment with fast internet access, this hub is perfect for anyone seeking a comfortable place to work. The atmosphere at THE HUB is quiet yet pleasant, making it an ideal spot for those looking to focus on their work. If you need ample space to settle, private rooms for meetings or conference calls, then THE HUB has got everything you’ll need.

One of the best things about working from THE HUB MALLORCA is the great team atmosphere they offer. From weekly networking events to regulars and occasional drinks, this coworking hub provides an excellent opportunity for professionals who enjoy meeting new people and expanding their network.

The owner Al adds more value by being friendly and accommodating! He ensures everyone feels welcomed through sharing stories and offering brilliant tips which make Palma feel like home away from home outside of work routine!

In conclusion, if you’re searching for a coworking environment that combines comfort with productivity while allowing you room to expand your professional equinox; we highly recommend checking into THE HUB – You won’t be disappointed!

👍 Our Reasons for Recommending:

  • Great team atmosphere
  • Spacious, clean environment with fast internet access
  • Friendly and accommodating owner

Website http://www.hubmallorca.com/
Address Carrer de Caro, 70, 07013
Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
Contact Details 971 07 95 89
Opening Hours Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Services Coworking Space in Mallorca
Google Rating 4.9 Stars out of 5
Total Reviews 42+ reviews

Fortuny3 Espai Coworking

⭐ Our Unvarnished Impressions of Fortuny3 Espai Coworking:

Fortuny3 Espai Coworking is an absolute gem in Palma! From the moment I walked in, I knew this space was going to be different. Friendly staff and a modern atmosphere greeted me, along with super-fast internet that kept me working without any interruption. If you’re looking for a small, quiet, beautifully designed co-working space with excellent facilities and services, Fortuny3 Espai Coworking will definitely meet your needs.

What sets this coworking space apart from others is its wonderful atmosphere. The people are friendly and welcoming here; I felt comfortable right away. The meeting room we rented for a couple of days was perfect as well – spacious and equipped with everything that we needed to get our work done efficiently. Plus the location is really convenient too!

In short, if you want a stunningly beautiful place to focus on your projects while also enjoying friendly social interactions when desired (not forced), look no further than Fortuny3 Espai Coworking!

👍 Our Reasons for Recommending:

  • Quiet and modern atmosphere
  • Friendly, helpful staff
  • Convenient location

Name Fortuny3 Espai Coworking
Website http://fortuny3.es/
Address Carrer de Can Fortuny, 3,
Entresuelo B, 07001 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain
Contact Details 683 36 02 93
Opening Hours Monday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Services Coworking Space in Mallorca
Google Rating 4.8 Stars out of 5
Total Reviews 16+ reviews

Where to Work Coworking Mallorca

⭐ An Unfiltered Assessment of Where to Work Coworking Mallorca:

Upon entering Where to Work Coworking Mallorca, I was struck by its sleek and modern design. The open-plan layout creates an environment of collaboration and community that is perfect for professionals who thrive on interaction with like-minded individuals. What drew me to this coworking space was not just the high-quality facilities, but also the commitment to providing a diverse range of events and workshops that are sure to benefit any business owner or freelancer.

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As soon as I settled down at my workstation, I immediately noticed the fast internet speed that allowed me to concentrate fully on completing my work without any interruptions. However, what sets Where to Work apart from other coworking spaces is their attention to detail in ensuring every member has the best experience possible- from ambient lighting fixtures set throughout each room making it easier for one’s eyes during long hours working away behind screen monitors- everything seemed thought-out & effortless!

The icing on top? The location! A fantastic place situated right in Palma’s bustling commercial hub – central enough so it’s easy getting around town if you need anything nearby while still being surrounded by all sorts of cafes , bars , restaurants , boutiques etc… Needless to say,I found myself equally productive and inspired due to such positive ambiance created at Wheretowork – This spot deserves 5+ stars easily!

👍 Our Reasons for Recommending:

  • Fast internet & sunlit tables
  • Reliable virtual office & package delivery
  • Modern and collaborative space with events/workshops

Name Where to Work Coworking Mallorca
Website https://palma.wheretowork.eu/
Address C. del Sindicat, 67, 1-1,
07002 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain
Contact Details 871 55 65 11
Opening Hours Monday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed
Services Coworking Space in Mallorca
Google Rating 4.8 Stars out of 5
Total Reviews 5+ reviews

Nidus Coworking & Office

⭐ Our Genuine Review of Nidus Coworking & Office:

Looking for a comfortable, beautiful and well-equipped coworking space in the heart of Palma? Look no further than Nidus Coworking & Office. This place is perfect if you’re looking to boost your motivation, create great professional synergies and enjoy fantastic coworking relationships. The management team is outstanding – they offer excellent wifi, coffee and printing facilities that will make your working day run like clockwork.

I can’t say enough good things about NIDUS 39 – it’s been more than an office space but an extension of every good platform for relationship and career building. From new friends to new ideas, solutions and challenges, this place has everything you need to stay on top of your game! And best of all – they’re very flexible here; I only needed five days of coworking and the staff were more than happy to accommodate me!

Sure, there are some small drawbacks like unstable WiFi or not-so-great sound isolation from time-to-time…but it’s just my opinion as someone who works remotely quite often.That being said,Nidus Coworking still remains a dream come true for me – offering plenty of inspiration that strikes up conversations among colleagues in an atmosphere worth investing your workday hours into it!

👍 Our Reasons for Recommending:

  • Comfortable, well-equipped and beautiful coworking space
  • Great management team offering flexible service
  • Ideal for boosting motivation and creating professional synergies

Name Nidus Coworking & Office
Website http://www.nidus39.com/
Address Carrer de Margalida Caimari, 24,
Entresuelo, 07005 Palma, Balearic Islands, Spain
Contact Details 871 94 89 99
Opening Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Services Coworking Space in Mallorca
Google Rating 4.4 Stars out of 5
Total Reviews 89+ reviews

Moasis Cowork Mallorca

⭐ Our Honest Opinion of Moasis Cowork Mallorca:

Moasis Cowork Mallorca is a must-visit coworking space in Palma, offering the perfect environment for all kinds of professionals. From freelancers to digital nomads and small business owners, Moasis has everything you need to work efficiently away from home. What stands out about this place is its friendly staff who make every visit feel welcoming and comfortable.

Aside from its welcoming ambiance, what also makes Moasis unique is their on-site gym facility – an added bonus that most co-working spaces do not offer. The atmosphere here is both dynamic yet non-intrusive which provides everyone with the flexibility they need to complete whatever tasks they may have while simultaneously interacting positively with others around them.

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The location itself couldn’t be more ideal since it combines modern facilities with modular spaces specifically designed for various types of businesses or individuals needs. Overall a contemporary place bound by beautiful design details & sublime finishings making it truly exceptional! I cannot give enough praise regarding Julia (the General Manager) whose energetic attitude spreads positive vibes throughout the space creating irresistible energy. If you’re looking for your next office haven whether local or visiting Spain – don’t think twice; head over to Moasis Cowork Mallorca!!

👍 Our Reasons for Recommending:

  • Friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere
  • On-site gym facility
  • Ideal location for various business needs

Name Moasis Cowork Mallorca
Website http://moasis.es/
Address Pl. d’Espanya, 1, Planta 2,
07002 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
Contact Details 971 10 08 16
Opening Hours Monday: Open 24 hours
Tuesday: Open 24 hours
Wednesday: Open 24 hours
Thursday: Open 24 hours
Friday: Open 24 hours
Saturday: Open 24 hours
Sunday: Open 24 hours
Services Coworking Space in Mallorca
Google Rating 4.9 Stars out of 5
Total Reviews 24+ reviews

Cómodo&Co Arxiduc

⭐ Our Unvarnished Impressions of Cómodo&Co Arxiduc:

Cómodo&Co Arxiduc is an amazing co-working space that has exceeded all my expectations. The atmosphere was very lively, but not too loud where it became distracting. It’s a perfect place to work and be productive with like-minded individuals while enjoying delicious food at the café attached to the building as well. I had access to fast internet that allowed me to easily research and complete tasks required by my employer without any hassle.

The interiors of this lovely workspace are modern, colourful and tastefully designed, making it easier for me to concentrate on whatever project or task I’m working on because I felt so comfortable being there. Another noteworthy mention is how environmentally friendly they operate; from their energy-efficient lighting fixtures down to using recyclable materials in their office.

In addition, the team here made sure every detail was taken care of, ensuring a happy experience for everyone who utilises their space regularly! Kudos also goes out to them for creating opportunities for meeting new people through networking events hosted within the workspace!

Overall, Cómodo&Co Arxiduc comes highly recommended if you’re looking for a shared desk/co-working space in Palma. Without question this co-working environment offers its members everything needed and more – great amenities that keep you motivated toward your goals throughout long days at work!

👍 Our Reasons for Recommending:

  • Great environment, service and food
  • Well-equipped office and fast internet
  • Lively atmosphere and friendly team

Name Cómodo&Co Arxiduc
Website https://www.palmaoffice.com/
Address C/ de l’Arxiduc Lluís Salvador,
7b, 07004 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
Contact Details 971 57 89 14
Opening Hours n/a
Services Coworking Space in Mallorca
Google Rating 4.7 Stars out of 5
Total Reviews 31+ reviews

Coworking Mallorca – Playa de Palma

⭐ Our Genuine Review of Coworking Mallorca – Playa de Palma:

Coworking Mallorca in Playa de Palma is an exceptional coworking space that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a quiet, comfortable and modern environment. The bright, well-lit interior is brand new and welcoming upon first impression. From the moment you step through the door, you will feel at home as friendly owners greet you with open arms.

What sets Coworking Mallorca apart from other workspaces is its excellent service. The staff are always on hand to assist with any requirements or queries you may have. Additionally, they offer all of the necessary facilities such as high-speed WiFi and private telephone booths which are ideal for taking calls without any external disruption.

The elegant coffee making area serves up delicious beverages that invigorate your senses while stimulating creativity during brainstorm sessions or long hours working on projects consecutively. In summary, Coworking Mallorca provides small teams of professionals or freelancers a cost-effective solution where they can thrive individually yet still enjoy a sense of community – perfect for networking opportunities too!

👍 Our Reasons for Recommending:

  • Comfortable and calm work environment
  • Friendly and welcoming personnel
  • Excellent facilities including fast internet speed

Name Coworking Mallorca – Playa de Palma
Website https://coworking-mallorca.com/
Address Carrer de la Garsa, 6,
07610 Palma, Illes Balears, Spain
Contact Details
Opening Hours Monday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Thursday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Saturday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Sunday: 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM
Services Coworking Space in Mallorca
Google Rating 5 Stars out of 5
Total Reviews 36+ reviews

⚠️ Expertise and Transparency – Our Review and Ranking Process: At Mallorca.me, we are dedicated to delivering comprehensive, trustworthy, and unbiased reviews. Our review and ranking process is a meticulous undertaking that encompasses extensive research, testing, and verification carried out by our team of experts. Learn more about our rigorous review and ranking process.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Using a Coworking Space in Mallorca?

So, you’re looking for the best coworking spaces in Mallorca? Well, I have to say that you’ve come to the right place! Mallorca is a beautiful island and there are a lot of great spots where you can get some work done. But let’s be real here, every rose has its thorns.

Let’s start with the advantages of working in a coworking space. First off, they provide an ideal environment for networking and meeting new people who share similar interests as you. Moreover, coworking spaces offer all kinds of amenities like Wi-Fi access (obviously!), printers, scanners and air conditioning which might not be available at home or in your hotel room. Plus it gives structure to your day whilst allowing flexibility so if someone asks what you do all day oh just hang out at this sweet co-work spot!

But wait! There’s more…coworking spaces create a sense of community that contributes to increased motivation levels amongst coworkers since everyone wants to keep up with their colleagues’ productivity levels but also doesn’t want anyone seeing them slacking off on social media.

That being said let’s take into consideration some disadvantages; one major downside could be overcrowding during peak hours leading sometimes to fights over desks or arguing about noise level expectations – always brings back memories from college study hall…Another thing worth mentioning is the cost- most good co-working spots aren’t cheap on the wallet which isn’t ideal for people travelling on a budget.

So there ya have it! Coworking Spaces: A blessing and curse wrapped together tight like fine-layered sarmale rolls. Your time spent working will increase immensely versus laying down under palm trees near sunny Mediterranean shores but don’t forget that nothing compares to cuddling up alone while typing away memes templates when business cards fly everywhere around empty coffee cups – kitchen staff will thank us later though 😉

  1. Access to modern and comfortable working spaces
  2. Networking opportunities with other professionals in different fields
  3. Increased productivity due to a structured environment
  4. Flexible rental plans catered to individual needs
  5. Opportunities for social events and gatherings
  1. Potentially high costs depending on location and amenities provided
  2. Limited privacy as the space is shared among others
  3. Distractions from other individuals or events happening within the same building
  4. Lack of personalization when it comes to work area decoration
  5. Can become noisy during peak hours


Well, if you’ve made it to the end of this article then give yourself a pat on the back because we have uncovered some hidden gems when it comes to coworking spaces in Mallorca. Whether you’re a freelancer looking for an escape from your home office or a startup entrepreneur wanting to collaborate with like-minded individuals, there is no shortage of fantastic options available.

I mean let’s be real here, who wouldn’t want to ditch their stained sofa and cluttered desk for one of these sleek and trendy workspaces? And hey, don’t just take our word for it – go out and try them yourself! Whether you choose one close to the beach or nestled away in the scenic countryside, each location has its unique vibe that is guaranteed to spark creativity and productivity!

So what are you waiting for? Pack up your laptop, grab some sunblock (because let’s face it – we all know how hot those Spanish summers can get), and head over to any of these recommended locations. Who knows? You may even meet your next business partner or friend in your new workspace! Don’t forget to share your experiences with us below or check out our website for more information on other great coworking spaces around Mallorca.

FAQs about Coworking Spaces in Mallorca

▷ What are the benefits of coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces provide numerous benefits to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers. One major advantage is the opportunity to network with other professionals in a shared workspace. This can lead to valuable collaborations and partnerships. Additionally, coworking spaces offer access to amenities like high-speed internet, conference rooms, printing services, and more.

▷ How do I choose the best coworking space for my business?

When selecting a coworking space for your business, consider factors such as location (proximity to public transportation or client offices), price (including any additional fees or membership costs), available amenities (like conference rooms or dedicated desks), community vibe (whether it caters more towards tech startups or creative professionals) and reviews from previous clients.

▷ Can I use a coworking space if I only work part-time?

Yes! Many coworking spaces offer flexible membership options designed for individuals who only need a workspace occasionally. Some even have hourly rates available on an as-needed basis.

▷ What should I look for in a coworking space?

When looking for a suitable coworking space environment that fits both personal needs &professional goals- you may want high-speed internet connectivity to enhance productivity levels; physical furnishing like chairs & tables fit into posture standards guidelines; workstations that guarantee privacy with appealing design layouts maximizing creativity flow vibes.

▷ How much does it cost to use a coworking space?

Coworking Spaces generally charge fees depending on usage time frames – whether hourly, daily /weekly/monthly memberships plans structure there’s one available meeting any renter’s budget range & details included respect to respective leasing-type agreements.

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