Best Adults-Only Hotels in Mallorca 2023

Best Adults-Only Hotels in Mallorca

Craving a peaceful, elegant escape to the sun-soaked island of Mallorca? Yearning for luxury accommodations that cater exclusively to adults? If so, you’re in luck! I’ve got the lowdown on some of the best adults-only hotels in Mallorca.

Picture pristinely manicured gardens, infinity pools with stunning views and a cocktail menu to die for – sound tempting? Right then, from exclusive adults-only properties nestled in rustic surroundings, top-rated adult-only resorts promising opulence at every corner to tranquil retreats only steps from crystalline waters; I’ve handpicked it all just for you.

Kick your love life up a notch by checking into romantic hotels for couples or explore boutique hotels oozing charisma while offering privacy aplenty. Sweetly sophisticated adult-friendly accommodation options promise to enthrall whilst ensuring respite from everyday hustle. Oh and trust me— these standouts truly embody ‘rest & relaxation‘. So are you ready my friend- which serene abode will first grace your bucket list?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best Adults-Only Hotels in Mallorca

Best Adults-Only Hotels in MallorcaHotel Name
Best Value Adults-Only Hotel with Bay ViewsIberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites
Top Adults-Only Hotel with Direct Beach AccessIberostar Cala Millor
Premium Beach Front Boutique HotelHoposa Hotel Pollentia
Ideal Resort with Scenic Sea Inlet ViewsAluaSoul Mallorca Resort
Exquisite Design & Multiple PoolsInturotel Cala Esmeralda
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I Found the Ultimate Adults-Only Paradise in Mallorca! Luxury Accommodations, Romantic Retreats and Exclusive Resorts Await Me!

Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: Santa Ponsa, Majorca | 👉 View on

Located on the serene shores of Costa de la Calma, Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites is a haven for adults. Imagine indulging in a suite with a whirlpool bath, gazing at captivating sea views, or luxuriating in your own private pool. This adults-only retreat in Majorca offers a VIP zone, exclusive bars, direct sea access, two pools, and so much more to ensure your romantic getaway is nothing short of splendid.

Stepping into the Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites, I felt an immediate sense of tranquillity. Each morning, I’d open my curtains to the mesmerising azure expanse of the sea. The private pool in my suite was my little piece of paradise, perfect for quiet dips. The Star Prestige service is every bit luxurious, but what genuinely warmed my heart was the sunset view from their armchair lookout. Sipping a cocktail from the exclusive bar, while watching the sky paint itself in hues of orange and pink, became my cherished ritual. And, have you ever relaxed on a hammock that’s right by the water? Absolute bliss! It felt like a secret Majorcan paradise, just for adults.

Wouldn’t you love to experience these precious moments too?

The hotel is close to: Secrets Mallorca Villamil Resort & Spa, Reverence Life Hotel, H10 Casa del Mar, and Globales Apartamentos Costa de la Calma.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples seeking a romantic getaway in Majorca.

Available Facilities: Free internet, SPA Sensations, Fitness Centre, All-inclusive dining (optional), Golf course nearby.

Review from a Guest: “The most romantic escape I’ve ever had. The sunset views are to die for!” – Laura, UK.

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Iberostar Cala Millor

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: Cala Millor, Majorca | 👉 View on

The Iberostar Cala Millor is an enchanting adult-focused hotel situated right on the picturesque beach of Cala Millor. With a luxurious spa, premium Wi-Fi, live music and a delectable buffet restaurant, it’s an ideal escape for those looking to indulge in a serene atmosphere. Its dedication to sustainability with the “Wave of Change” initiative sets it apart, promising an eco-friendly, restful holiday.

Strolling into Iberostar Cala Millor, I was instantly mesmerised by the calming ambiance. The scent of the sea breeze combined with the harmonious live music set the mood. My room? A haven of comfort with a spectacular view of the ocean. I remember waking up to the soothing sound of waves and then heading to the spa, where the treatments left me rejuvenated. The highlight? Those culinary delights at the buffet restaurant – a fusion of Majorcan cuisine and international themed nights that tantalised my taste buds. Oh, and the evenings at the bar with signature cocktails? Simply magical. Did you ever dream of a beachside escape with just the right mix of luxury, relaxation, and a touch of eco-friendliness?

You should absolutely dive into the world of Iberostar Cala Millor, where unforgettable memories are just waiting to be created.

A luxurious escape to Iberostar Cala Millor isn’t just a holiday; it’s an experience that lingers in your heart. Why not immerse yourself in this slice of Majorcan paradise?

The hotel is close to: Tomeu Caldentey Cuiner restaurant, The Sportsmans Bar, Biggi’s Cafe, and Rosior – a speciality & gift shop.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples, adults seeking tranquility, and eco-conscious travellers.

Available Facilities: Free public parking nearby, Pool, Fitness Centre with Gym, Beach, Bar / lounge.

Review from a Guest: “What a fabulous 7-night holiday! Hotel was clean and well looked after. We received a warm welcome in every part.” – C S, Spain.

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Hoposa Hotel Pollentia

⭐️ Rating: 5/5 | 📍 Location: Paseo Londres 62, Port de Pollenca, Majorca Spain | 👉 View on

A tranquil adults-only paradise awaits at Hoposa Hotel Pollentia, an oasis of peace with an undeniably bohemian charm. With its prime beachfront position in Mallorca, it gazes upon the serene Bay of Pollensa. The sound of gentle waves and the soft golden sands are mere steps from the hotel. Hoposa Pollentia is the very definition of coastal luxury.

Walking through the corridors, I couldn’t help but marvel at the chic and natural design elements that adorned every nook and corner. My morning routine was perfected with breakfast on the terrace, gazing out to the ocean, and let me tell you, the omelette station is second to none. And you know the feeling when you find a sunbed just calling your name? Well, here, there’s no rush; they always seem to be waiting for you. One evening, I wrapped up my day with a glass of wine on the rooftop, the sunset painting the horizon with hues of gold and pink. How often do you find a place that truly feels like it was made for you?

Don’t just take my word for it. Dive into the world of Hoposa Hotel Pollentia and see what makes it a shimmering jewel among adults-only hotels in Mallorca. The ocean’s whispering, are you ready to listen?

The hotel is close to: Sparrow Dining and Bar, Tamarells, and Palms Bar Puerto Pollensa.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Couples seeking a tranquil escape, sun-worshippers, and beachfront luxury enthusiasts.

Available Facilities: Free High-Speed Internet (WiFi), Pool, Free breakfast.

Review from a Guest: “The whole experience was fantastic. Hotel is well maintained and great location for the beach. Food was good quality and varied. All the staff were friendly and helpful. Couldn’t fault any of it and will definitely return again.” – Brendan W, Norwich, United Kingdom.

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AluaSoul Mallorca Resort

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: Cala d’Or, Majorca | 👉 View on

Set on the picturesque east coast of Mallorca, the AluaSoul Mallorca Resort is an adults-only haven that promises a relaxing escape. Revamped with a modern flair, this resort offers easy access to the serene Cala Egos Beach. Alongside, its all-inclusive options, wellness centre, and day-to-night activities ensure every guest enjoys the best of Mallorcan luxury.

During my stay at the AluaSoul Mallorca Resort, the sheer beauty of its surroundings took my breath away. Every morning, the stunning Cala Egos Beach beckoned for a leisurely walk. The resort’s chill-out area quickly became my favourite spot, perfect for evening cocktails and watching the sun dip into the horizon. Did I mention the cuisine? Sumptuous Mediterranean delights had me eagerly waiting for meal times. And oh, the wellness centre, a treat to my senses! Every moment at AluaSoul was draped in luxury, making my stay truly memorable. Have you ever wished for a Mediterranean holiday where time just seems to pause? This is it!

Why wait to experience this slice of Mallorcan paradise? Dive into an unforgettable adults-only retreat that’s bound to leave you rejuvenated.

The hotel is close to:
Bongos, Sparkles, Central Fun Park, and Dominique’s.

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Couples seeking a romantic getaway, solo travellers in search of serenity, and friends looking to indulge in luxury.

Available Facilities:
Wellness centre, Beach access, All-inclusive dining, Free Wi-Fi, Chill-out area.

Review from a Guest:
“Not a 5 or even a 4-star hotel. Stayed in 2027. Very clean and spacious.” – Debbie A, Croydon, United Kingdom.

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Inturotel Cala Esmeralda

⭐️ Rating: 4.5/5 | 📍 Location: Cala d’Or, Majorca, Spain | 👉 View on

Inturotel Cala Esmeralda, a crown jewel in Mallorca’s Cala d’Or, is an adults-only haven designed with sheer luxury in mind. Admire the Mediterranean gardens that embrace the property or take a stroll along the pristine Cala Esmeralda beachfront. With its Ibiza-style architecture, this hotel provides an exquisite blend of tranquillity and modern comforts. Whether you’re sipping on a drink by the lagoon-style pool or enjoying a romantic dinner with a sea view, every experience here is nothing short of exceptional.

Oh, what a stay it was! My room overlooked the spectacular Mediterranean gardens, which every morning became a private, lush paradise just for me. I couldn’t get enough of the refreshing dips in the beachfront pool, where theshimmering water seemed to merge seamlessly with the horizon. Every evening, the buffet-style restaurant served up culinary masterpieces that were a treat for both the eyes and the palate. One insider tip? Grab a cocktail at the lounge bar before heading to the beach for a moonlit walk. Trust me, it’s pure magic. Oh, and did I mention the sangria at the beach bar? A must-try!

Wait till you see the sunset from the hotel’s private beach – it’s a view that photographs simply don’t do justice. Dive into the Inturotel Cala Esmeralda experience, and let Mallorca’s charm sweep you off your feet.

The hotel is close to:
Decades (Bars & Clubs), Cala Gran (Beach), Cala Esmeralda Beach, Eden Paradise (Bars & Clubs)

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Couples seeking a serene getaway, travellers in search of adults-only luxury, beach lovers who appreciate upscale accommodations.

Available Facilities:
Free WiFi in the lobby, buffet-style restaurant, two outdoor pools, beachfront setting, tennis court.

Review from a Guest:
“Highly recommended! The service from breakfast to dinner was impeccable, with the entire hotel, including our room, being spotlessly clean. The staff were so welcoming, especially Antony at the reception and a young waiter at the beach bar. We’ll definitely be back!” – Emanuela R, Spain

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    My Final Thoughts on Best Adults-Only Hotels in Mallorca

    In my view, the best adults-only hotels in Mallorca brim with charm and sophistication. By opting for such boutique hotels or exclusive properties, you’re making sure your time spent here becomes an unrivalled memory. The tranquil retreats available reinforce why these top-rated adult-only resorts never fail to impress; offering a haven of calm amidst the hustle and bustle. Whether it’s for romance or merely a peaceful breakaway, these luxury accommodations cater solely to adults’ bespoke needs while maintaining that unique Mallorcan essence. Here’s me hoping you’ll love this place as much as I adore sharing these gems with you—it truly is splendid!

    FAQs about Best Adults-Only Hotels in Mallorca

    Why should I consider an adults-only hotel in Majorca for my next holiday?

    For many travelers, especially those looking for a peaceful getaway, adults-only hotels in Majorca offer a tranquil environment free from the hustle and bustle associated with family vacations. These properties typically have more serene atmospheres, ideal for quiet escapes, romantic trips, or just relaxation.

    How does the Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites stand out among the best in Majorca?

    I stayed at the Iberostar Selection Jardin del Sol Suites, and what struck me was its convenient location close to the airport and Palma. Moreover, the views of the bay were genuinely mesmerizing. It felt so peaceful, and the suites, especially the junior ones like room 1415, offer luxurious comfort.

    Can you share some insights about the Iberostar Cala Millor’s location?

    Of course! Iberostar Cala Millor is strategically located. When I stayed there, I enjoyed the walks to Sa Coma on one side and Cala Bona on the other. The beach access is direct, and its proximity to a beautiful nature reserve offers picturesque walks. It’s a haven for those who love both beach and nature.

    What made Hoposa Hotel Pollentia a memorable stay for you?

    My experience at Hoposa Hotel Pollentia was memorable because of its stunning location. The view overlooking the beautiful bay and beach, just yards away, was breathtaking. As an adults-only property, it maintains a peaceful ambiance. Plus, its close proximity to a range of bars and restaurants makes it convenient for evening outings.

    What’s special about AluaSoul Mallorca Resort’s setting?

    When I visited AluaSoul Mallorca Resort, I was captivated by its setting. This adults-only hotel is nestled between two large modern buildings, framing a beautiful natural sea inlet. The atmosphere is genuinely chill around the pool area, making it a perfect relaxation spot.

    Is Inturotel Cala Esmeralda suitable for a spa and pool experience?

    Absolutely! My stay at Inturotel Cala Esmeralda was an indulgence. It boasts three fantastic pools, ensuring space is always available. Their SPA is not only beautiful but offers a range of treatments that rejuvenate the body and mind. The adults-only setting adds to the peaceful ambiance.

    How would you describe the overall ambiance of Iberostar Selection Llaut Palma?

    Iberostar Selection Llaut Palma is a blend of luxury and tranquility. My room on the 7th floor offered serenity in the adults-only area. The modern, clean rooms with breathtaking views made my stay worth every penny. And the staff, especially Veronica, made it even more special.

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