Best 4-Star Hotels in Mallorca 2023

Best 4-Star Hotels in Mallorca

Need the perfect place to stay in Mallorca? Let me help you find it! On an island blessed with azure skies, sunkissed beaches and a vibrant local scene, picking from the best 4-star hotels in Mallorca can be quite daunting. From luxury accommodations that ooze elegance to top-rated hotels offering breathtaking sea vistas, from boutique gems nestled in quaint corners of Old Town Palma to family-friendly resorts promising fun-filled affairs – we’re spoilt for choice here!

Feeling extravagant? Picture yourself lounging by a dazzling beachfront hotel or perhaps indulging in decadent spa therapies at one of our all-inclusive stays. And if something cosy and intimate is more your speed, let’s explore some charming boutique hotels together.

So join me as I walk you through my favourite picks across this slice of Mediterranean paradise – showcasing not only their unparalleled hospitality but also helping score those best hotel deals. Ready for dive into ‘la buena vida’? Which type of accommodation has caught your fancy?

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💁‍♀️ In a Hurry? My Top Picks for Best 4-Star Hotels in Mallorca

Best 4-Star Hotels in MallorcaHotel Name
Best Sustainable Hotel in Old TownHotel Can Cirera
Best Suite Hotel with Great LocationHotel Cort
Best Suite Hotel with Balcony in Old TownBO Hotel Palma
Highly Rated Sustainable HotelNakar Hotel
Best Value Sustainable HotelProtur Naisa Palma Hotel
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I Discovered the Ultimate Luxury Experience: The Best 4-Star Hotels in Mallorca for Unforgettable Getaways!

Hotel Can Cirera, Palma de Mallorca

⭐️ Rating: 9.3/10 | 📍 Location: Palma de Mallorca, Spain | 👉 View on

Hotel Can Cirera, a stunning 4-star gem in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, showcases a harmonious blend of modern comfort and authentic character. The establishment boasts air-conditioned rooms, a chic terrace bar, and free WiFi, making it a standout choice amongst the top 4-star hotels in Mallorca.

Oh, what a delight my stay at Hotel Can Cirera was! Every corner whispered a tale of elegance and history, right in the bustling heart of Palma. My room? Spacious, with those hardwood floors adding a rustic charm. And talk about views! A serene balcony overlooking the city was just the morning coffee spot I never knew I needed. Their continental breakfast? Absolutely scrumptious. And who can forget that short scenic stroll to Playa Ca’n Pere Antoni? My heart aches to return. Ever dreamt of a perfect Mallorcan escape? This hotel might just be the secret you’ve been seeking.

Dive into the rich tapestry of Palma de Mallorca with Hotel Can Cirera as your backdrop. Believe me, the magic of this 4-star gem is something you’ll want to immerse in firsthand!

The hotel is close to: Palma Yacht Club, Palma Port, Palma Cathedral, and Playa Ca’n Pere Antoni.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, couples seekinga romantic getaway, and travellers looking for a central, luxurious stay in Palma.

Available Facilities: Free WiFi, Terrace Bar, Air-conditioned Rooms, Laundry Services, Daily Housekeeping.

Review from a Guest: “It was modern, comfortable and in a very central location, whilst still retaining its original character.” – Sally, United Kingdom.

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Hotel Cort, Palma de Mallorca

⭐️ Rating: 9.3/10 | 📍 Location: Palma de Mallorca City Centre | 👉 View on

Hotel Cort, Palma de Mallorca
Credit: Facebook / Hotel Cort, Palma de Mallorca

Hotel Cort is a gem in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, offering a blend of Mediterranean allure and modern luxury. Just a short walk from Palma Port, this 4-star hotel boasts a rooftop swimming pool and bar, enhancing your Mallorcan experience. Delight in their Mediterranean cuisine, relish the comfort of air-conditioned rooms, and appreciate the unbeatable location near Palma’s Cathedral and Plaza Mayor.

The first thing I noticed about Hotel Cort was its unbeatable location. Right in the heart of Palma de Mallorca, it was as if I had the entire city at my doorstep. The rooftop swimming pool was a sanctuary, where I’d sip on cocktails and marvel at the sunset views. Every morning, the array of breakfast choices was a treat – Continental, Full English/Irish, even Vegan and Gluten-free options. And those beds? Unbelievably comfy. The stylish room became my cozy haven, and with Chromecast on the flat-screen TV, binge-watching my favourite shows was a breeze. And let’s not forget the staff – they truly went above and beyond, ensuring my stay was nothing short of spectacular.

Discover Hotel Cort and revel in its luxury – because isn’t it time you treated yourself to the best of Mallorca?

The hotel is close to:
Palma’s Cathedral, Plaza Mayor, and a variety of shops, bars, and restaurants.

This hotel is an excellent choice for:
Couples, families, and solo travellers looking for a luxurious stay in the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

Available Facilities:
Outdoor swimming pool, Free WiFi, Room service, Family rooms, 24-hour front desk.

Review from a Guest:
“Everything was perfect! Location, staff, room, food. Would definitely recommend to anyone! Our greeting at reception was exceptional and set the mood for a wonderful stay.” – Carolyn, United Kingdom.

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BO Hotel Palma

⭐️ Rating: 9.1/10 | 📍 Location: Palma de Mallorca City Centre | 👉 View on

BO Hotel Palma, a gem in the heart of Mallorca, boasts a prime location and an array of unique features. Offering a sun terrace, hot tub, and an on-site restaurant, this 4-star hotel in the Majorca Region effortlessly blends luxury with relaxation. Every room is air-conditioned, offering sea or city views and a spectrum of modern amenities. Perfect for both leisure and family travellers, its superb location makes it one of the best 4-star hotels in Mallorca.

Staying at BO Hotel Palma felt like I had stumbled upon a best-kept secret. The mornings began with a continental breakfast that catered to every palate – vegetarian, vegan, even gluten-free. But what truly made my stay unforgettable was the junior suite with a balcony. The softness of the linen, the subtle hum of the city, and the view ofthe sea were nothing short of magical. The staff, always attentive and professional, made it feel like home. And that spa bath? Pure bliss after a day exploring the city. Every nook of the hotel whispered luxury, and I couldn’t help but fall in love. Would you believe the Palma Yacht Club and Palma Port are just a stone’s throw away?

Before you let this experience slip through your fingers, remember – the world’s best adventures are often hidden in plain sight. Dive into a world of luxury, comfort, and unbeatable location at BO Hotel Palma.

The hotel is close to: Palma Yacht Club, Palma Port.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Family travellers, couples on a city break, golfing and cycling enthusiasts.

Available Facilities: Non-smoking rooms, Free WiFi, Room service, Restaurant, Airport shuttle.

Review from a Guest: “The hotel location is perfect for a city break, and the room was clean with good…” – David, United Kingdom.

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Nakar Hotel, Palma de Mallorca

⭐️ Rating: 9.2/10 | 📍 Location: Avenida Jaime III, Palma de Mallorca | 👉 View on

The Nakar Hotel in Palma de Mallorca is an outstanding 4-Star hotel boasting a prime location just 300 metres from Palma Port. Offering air-conditioned rooms with complimentary WiFi, guests can relish the spectacular city views while lounging by the outdoor pool. Located on the bustling Jaime III Avenue, this modern hotel promises an unforgettable stay with top-notch amenities, including a restaurant, spa, and a bar.

Imagine soaking up the Mallorcan sun beside a shimmering pool, sipping on a refreshing drink with the bustling Palma Port just a stone’s throw away. That was my reality at Nakar Hotel. The ambiance is unparalleled – modern, yet unmistakably Mallorcan. My room? It came with a balcony that offered mesmerising views of the city, and the bed was the definition of comfort. Dipping into the spa after exploring the city streets felt like a dream. And the breakfast? Oh, it’s a gastronomic journey you won’t want to end. Ever wished you could teleport back to a place? For me, it’s right here.

Ready to dive into the charm of Mallorca? The Nakar Hotel awaits, ready to sweep you off your feet with a dash of luxury and a sprinkle of Mallorcan magic.

The hotel is close to: Palma Yacht Club, Cala Major Beach, and the bustling Palma Port.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, shopping enthusiasts, and those keen to experience the heart of Palma de Mallorca.

Available Facilities: Two swimming pools, Spa and wellness centre, Free WiFi, Restaurant, Airport shuttle.

Review from a Guest: “Everything was perfect and we had a complimentary champagne in the room.” – Constantina, Cyprus.

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Protur Naisa Palma Hotel

⭐️ Rating: 8.9/10 | 📍 Location: Palma de Mallorca | 👉 View on

Protur Naisa Palma Hotel is a shining example of why Mallorca’s 4-star offerings stand out on the global stage. Merely 2.2 km from Playa Ca’n Pere Antoni, this gem boasts a blend of relaxation and luxury, complete with a terrace, private parking, a restaurant, and a bar. The wellness facilities? Unparalleled. The sumptuous breakfast options catering to diverse palates are simply the cherry on top. A true Mallorcan luxury.

I must say, my stay at Protur Naisa was something out of a dream. Waking up to the soft linen against my skin and pulling back the curtains to let the Mallorcan sunshine filter in, I felt truly pampered. Their spa and wellness centre was a sanctuary I found myself returning to, especially after cycling around the charming streets of Palma. And oh, the breakfast! Whether I was craving a Full English or a lighter vegetarian option, my tastebuds were never disappointed. One evening, I even took a leisurely walk to the nearby Palma Yacht Club. Do you know that feeling when you just stumble upon the perfect spot during a vacation?

Go on, give it a try. Dive deep into the wonders of Protur Naisa Palma Hotel. You’ll find it hard not to get swept up in the charm, especially when Mallorca’s finest 4-star luxury beckons.

The hotel is close to: Palma Yacht Club, Palma Port, Passeig del Born Avenue.

This hotel is an excellent choice for: Families, couples seeking a romantic getaway, cycling enthusiasts.

Available Facilities: Spa and wellness centre, Free WiFi, Restaurant, Terrace, Private Parking.

Review from a Guest: “I never usually write reviews but this hotel deserved one. It was absolutely amazing, staff were really helpful and welcoming.” – Rajbinder, United Kingdom.

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My Final Thoughts on Best 4-Star Hotels in Mallorca

In my view, the best 4-star Hotels in Mallorca do offer an astonishing blend of hospitality and luxury. These top-rated hotels exemplify utter refinement while promising breathtaking experiences; take for example beachfront hotels with vistas that would sweep even a poet off his feet! Boutique hotels extend unique charms worth unravelling alongside the best hotel deals to make your dreamy sojourn attainable. Trust me when I say that Family-friendly resorts serenade you and your loved ones with perennial delight; there’s a perfect balance between fun-filled adventure mediums and serene surroundings at these all-inclusive venues on this picturesque island. From my perspective, sharing such gems is certainly pleasurable – I wholeheartedly hope you etch indelible memory footprints during your luxurious sojourn on our beloved island of Mallorca.

FAQs about Best 4-Star Hotels in Mallorca

What Makes Old Town, Palma de Mallorca a Popular Choice Among Travelers?

I’ve personally observed that many travellers prefer to stay in Old Town when visiting Palma de Mallorca. The area is rich in history and cultural landmarks. Moreover, with the majority of the top-reviewed 4-star hotels located here, it’s no wonder guests find it so alluring. The convenience of being close to key attractions combined with the charm of ancient architecture makes Old Town a guest favourite.

How Important is the “Travel Sustainable Level” When Choosing a Hotel?

From my experience browsing through the list, it’s clear that many hotels in Palma de Mallorca are recognized for their sustainability efforts. The “Travel Sustainable Level” indicates how environmentally friendly a hotel is. For many modern travellers, supporting hotels that prioritize sustainability is crucial, making this feature a significant factor in their choice.

Are There Any Four-Star Hotels Near the Centre of Palma de Mallorca?

Absolutely! Most of the hotels listed are conveniently located within 1 km of the centre of Palma de Mallorca. This ensures that guests are close to the city’s main attractions, dining, and shopping areas. For instance, the Hotel Can Cirera and BO Hotel Palma are just 350m from the centre, making them great options for those who wish to be in the heart of the action.

Why Do Most Hotels Offer a “Breakfast Included” Option?

During my search on the platform, I noticed a prevalent trend of hotels offering a “Breakfast Included” option. Breakfast is often considered the most important meal of the day, and many travellers appreciate the convenience of starting their day with a hearty meal without having to venture out. It adds value to their stay and ensures a seamless experience.

What Are Some Key Facilities Guests Look For in Palma de Mallorca Hotels?

Based on the filtering options, it seems guests prioritize facilities like Free WiFi, swimming pools, and family rooms when booking their stay. Additionally, accessibility features like wheelchair-friendly rooms and facilities play a significant role for those with special needs.

Can I Find Hotels in Palma de Mallorca That Offer Sea Views?

Yes, there’s something incredibly serene about waking up to the sight of the sea. Several hotels in Palma de Mallorca, such as the Nakar Hotel and Hotel Feliz, offer rooms with mesmerizing sea views. These rooms are especially popular among romantic travellers and those looking to experience the island’s natural beauty to the fullest.

How Are the Prices for 4-Star Hotels in Palma de Mallorca?

The prices for 4-star hotels in Palma de Mallorca can vary based on location, facilities, and season. While browsing, I found that many high-quality hotels offer rooms between GBP 350 to GBP 700 per night. There are options to fit various budgets, ensuring that every traveller can find a comfortable and luxurious stay within their means.

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