Silke Schwab

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Have you ever heard of a German lady living on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca? Well, let me introduce you to Silke - a true European! Silke has been residing in Mallorca for many years now, and it's safe to say that she knows every inch of this gorgeous place. After all, what's not to love about blue skies, sandy beaches and breathtaking scenery everywhere you look? She works as a “critic” reviewing services for one of Spain's biggest travel agencies while putting her fluency in Spanish and English to good use. The beauty is that she enjoys providing honest reviews, helping local businesses grow, and helping tourists make informed decisions. Silke's passion for writing spills over into blogging, where she documents life on the stunning island leading readers on an adventure through great restaurants with delicious food, bike trails that boast mind-blowing views or even just a hidden beach, no one seemed to know existed! In essence; For anyone who wants first-hand information on travelling like a local in Mallorca, Silke may be your go-to girl.