Janet Hill

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Janet Hill is a true British gem who has captured the spirit of adventure in her heart. She believes in travelling as often as possible and exploring the world beyond, especially to her favourite destination - Mallorca Island which she visits 4-5 times a year. Her love for writing makes her a storyteller from within. Her compelling articles capture the essence of this picture-perfect island that has become almost like home to Janet. Every time she steps onto its golden sandy beaches breathes its fresh air and indulges in its culinary delights, it feels like paradise. Janet's love affair with Mallorca Island goes way back to when she first visited it over a decade ago. Since then, every visit has been special and blessed with memories that will last forever. Now when she is not there physically, she is always mentally present-writing about it or reminiscing old times spent under the warm Spanish sun. Regarding Janet's life outside of travel and writing, we may never know unless you ask! Because one thing we do know about travelling enthusiasts like Janet is that they are full of surprises!