Birgit Schultheiss

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Born and raised in Austria, Birgit Schultheiss brings her international flair to the stunning island of Mallorca. This proud resident has called the island home for five glorious years now, along with her furry friends - two adorable dogs. Birgit's passion for writing is not only limited to personal expression but also extends to sharing her love for Mallorca through articles that showcase its hidden gems, popular tourist spots, delicious cuisine and much more! Her vast knowledge of the iconic Spanish culture adds an extra dimension to her engaging write-ups. Apart from being multilingual and having a knack for writing compelling content, Birgit takes great pride in raising her daughter on this picturesque island surrounded by captivating sunsets, vibrant festivals and warm-hearted residents. If you're lucky enough to be on this enchanting Balearic Island where sun-kissed beaches meet lush landscapes, make sure you catch a glimpse of Birgit who might inspire you with her charismatic personality and love for life!