Alannah McKerihan

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Meet Alannah! Born and bred in the gorgeous land down under - Australia. This free-spirited soul has charmed her way into everyone's hearts with her infectious energy and passion for life. When she's not taking on the world or busy inspiring those around her, you'll find Alannah beach-hopping on a tropical island in the Balearic Islands. Talking about love, did you know that she locked eyes with the man of her dreams while soaking up some sun in Balearic Islands? It was one of those "love at first sight" moments that make your heart skip a beat, and suddenly everything seems possible. But don't be fooled by her laid-back vibe, as it is challenged only by Alannah's never-ending thirst for adventure, Palma being among her top picks for holiday destinations. Her love affair with travelling runs deep, giving life to incredible stories from across the globe that would leave any wanderlust hooked. Alannah carries an unspoken message of hope wherever she goes- reminding us all that anything is achievable if we put our hearts into it.